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  1. Hello Nin’s Im a relatively new player this this game but have played beyond naryto type games for over 16 years on and off and have a few ideas some of which I’ve seen discussed here but will bring up again. Fist off I want to say congrats on having your own platform to build off of so you can better control how things are ran and even monetize Off of your work after all nothing is free but there’s a few things that could be better to help launch to a larger fan base. To start with increasing map size. Right now the map size works with the limited amount of people but making it larger would help make more of a buffer zone between villages and give to space to add in extra content, npc villages/ towns, missions, or just side events so that way you can really get lost in this world that you made. Second, adding those last two villages probably most and lighting. Adding more villages as well as increasing map size give you more space to play and train and once the fan base increases they won’t feel as crowded. I figure you all are already on the same page because there’s two blank village places. Adding npc villages these village would help with adding content and aesthetics. Main villages could control these smaller villages ( like leaf controlling grass, or mist controlling rain) and the main purpose would be running missions or just traveling and training in new areas ( like having to deliver supplies to grass or escorting an npc to rain) each village could control one or two side villages and would give players more to do instead of farming for xp. Adding comprehensive side missions would allow the player to get more involved in the game. so having random side missions (much like you already do) in each area the village controls not only would force them to see these areas but provide more play time ( having one or two npc’s in Grass that have 3 missions each that you unlock let’s say every 5 lvls) I have plenty more ideas and how to structure most of it but Most people probably don’t want to read all of this so I’ll finish with adding in random characters from the series that will offer specific jutsu depending of your element of choice like zabuza’s mist for water users. Anyways I’m enjoying the game just wishing there was more content I enjoyed the missions and feel like this game could be really successful if you add in a few more details. Thanks