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Baller, a retired (inactive) Genin who dedicate his life to bring prosperity to the Leaf Village.

  • I am easygoing, but competitive in PvP.
  • I am also a stealthy ninja who enjoys sneaking into enemy bases and collect intel.
  • I spend my free time training and helping new Leafies with their missions.
  • Loyal to leaf and actively protects the Leaf Village from intruders
  • Enjoys hunting threatening enemies


Alias: EZNinjaBaller, Storm Baller, Big Ball Baller

Mastery:  Lightning(雷) + Water(水)                                                                         

Organizations: NWALMPF, White Fangs

Blood: Hayashi

Brother: @Ljones

Relatives: @PokeZNinja, @SonGoku

Rival: @Enver @VipeRz

Enemies Killed - 500 +


Past: Co-Founder of White Fangs, an assassination organization and the army of Leaf Village5cef7519a7be1_WhiteFangs-min.thumb.png.c4492818dac3bea653650660d671350f.png


Guarding Leaf Village from potential threats5cef75510d085_GuardDuty-min.thumb.jpg.c2a3075812002541ed6e16e31dc3546e.jpg


Training JutsusTraining-min.thumb.jpg.3919ee320c751a0880ea4cb7a21887a8.jpg


Putting my life on the line5cef754c9cfd3_DeadProtectingtheKagewhoisalsoDead-min.thumb.png.fd9deabf2db139f7abd90d56faa94ba9.png


I started from the bottom but made it to the top. I used to be weak, but now I roll on the battlefield.

I am kind towards Leafies, but merciless towards traitors.

The blood and tear I shed on the battlefield becomes the nutrient for fresh green leaves.


2 vs 2 Tournament 1st Place


3 vs 3 Tournament 3rd Place