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Baller, a less active Genin who dedicate his life to bring prosperity to the Leaf Village.

  • Easy going, competitive in PvP
  • Stealthy ninja who enjoys sneaking into enemy bases and collect intel
  • Spends free time sparring/training and helping new Leafies with their missions
  • Loyal to leaf but only protects Leaf Village when it is under a large threat
  • Enjoys hunting non-weak enemies

Alias: EZNinjaBaller, Storm Baller, Big Ball Baller

Mastery:  Lightning(雷) + Water(水)                                                                         

Organizations: NWALMPF, White Fangs

Blood: Hayashi

Brother: @Ljones

Relatives: @PokeZNinja, @SonGoku

Rival: @Enver @VipeRz

Enemies Killed - 500 +


Chapter 1 - A Baller Was Born


Baller is part of the Hayashi clan, although at the time it was unknown who his parents are.

He grew up with his older brother @Ljones in a foster home located in the heart of the Leaf Village. Together, they learned to be independent and self-sufficient from an early age.

Though, it was in their deepest curiosity to meet their parents and explore the world outside the village. So, they decided to become a ninja when they grow up. Just like his brother Ljones, Baller also enrolled in the ninja Academy at the age of 10.

Chapter 2 - The Academy


Baller excelled in all of his classes at the academy, especially shuriken throwing class and basketball class. He was known as the prodigy of his class.

By 2nd year, he could already master the basic lightning nature transformation. He was then told by the principal that he can graduate early due to his exceptional marks and performances. He took the offer and graduated the academy at age 12.

Just before he graduated, he saw a new academy student who had cold eyes. His name was @Enver

Not done.

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Dead Protecting the Kage who is also Dead-min.png

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