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  1. Of course... how have I not noticed that we have a shitty river
  2. Thank you for this post ^^ Most people forget to think before they act and end up criticizing someone without considering their point of view!
  3. I just read it all. And I’m simply in awe into how much thought you put into this. It’s actually a “bloody” mist village because now the Mizukage is chosen simply through fights by clans to get chosen by the Mizukage. And it’s a militaristic government!! Simply awesome.
  4. Thank you all who came to the funeral! Despite there being an akatsuki raid it turned out very well ^^ Sukki will depart from Nin happily
  5. I mean... If its black. Just don't click it next time. It is called a spoiler for a reason.
  6. Oh my god. Great Idea. But i love your Demon Slayer character profile pic more
  7. @Vali I demand answers now!
  8. We've had just about everything that a real ninja needs in the leaf ninja. All that's left is indoor plumbing!!! Ninja have to constantly shit all over leaf! (which must be why we have so much trees if you think about it ) Lets all make leaf even greater by adding toilets!
  9. Hope I see you all at the Funeral!
  10. Everybody is allowed to come! (just try not to die if you’re not sand T.T)
  11. Our very own Sukki has left the game permanently ;( So lets all mourn for him by gathering around his grave in the sand village. Sake/Sushi/Dangos would be appreciated ;( We’ll start the memorial this Sunday by the giant stone KazeKage statues at 6pm EST. Then we’ll move the memorial too sand Sushi place for final remarks. Black clothes are required!! We’re depressed here!! Important Edit: Sands very own @Itama Date has allowed for everyone to come as long as they all meet in sand guard duty when the time comes!
  12. Ah. Ok sorry. Only got it from one side of the story.
  13. Then they shouldn’t have exiled you. Say that you only asked to be exiled with peace list. Without peace list you’d rather stay in leaf. As I said earlier in Nin disc this situation is a lot like ordering a salad. If you order the salad and they don’t give you lettuce... is it really a salad? Or in this situation, should it really be an exile? I mean he did ask to be exiled while being in peace list.
  14. Question. Just to be sure... you asked for peace list first before you asked to be exiled correct?