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Raised in a world full of fear and regret, a Ninja was born. This is the tale of Eagly

A Terrifying World:

In a small house, hidden in the outskirts of the leaf village,  two Ninja had met up everyday for the past two years. According to the rules regarding Ninja in the hidden leaf village that the Daiyamo created, Ninja were to never have any relation ships.  This rule was made to make sure that Ninja were always focused when completing a mission. Although this rule has been enforced for many generations... these two shinobi had broke this rule. Eventually, the time came when a third would eventually join their family and when the villagers had noticed this they had the two Shinobi return their headbands and ensured that they would never make another penny in their lives.  Realizing he couldn't take care of his child, he sent his child away to an orphanage and pleaded that the Orphanage would never tell anyone who the father of the child was.  Shortly after the child was sent away, the mother had died of illness but with her last dying breath she asked that a message would be sent to her child.  Knowing that the child would be seen as a criminal, the father passed the message to the orphanage, and when the child grows up, that the message would be given to him.  Shortly after the mothers death, the father had died of starvation.  The note that the orphanage received was never given to the child. 

13 years later...

The child, now 13,  joined the leaf village academy of ninjas to become a shinobi! After watching kids around him in the orphanage aspire to become a ninja, the boy felt drawn to becoming a shinobi. Grabbing the nearest branch that he could find, he started practicing sword play every afternoon when class was over.  Eventually the time would come when he would become a genin. After a year of practicing swordplay, he was able to pass the academy exam and become a full fledged Shinobi!




The Genin Tales

Ch I: The Jonin Samurai!!


Shortly after becoming a shinobi, the child was assigned into a group of three genin led by one jonin shinobi. He had no clue who these shinobi would be, only that he had to meet up with them at the leaf memorial stone in one week.

Day after day passed by and the day had finnaly came for the boy to meet his team. Although he had prepared himself to look nice for his new partners he was met with one obstacle. He overslept!! Hour after hour passed by but he still had not woken up. After 4 hours someone had knocked on his door, but he still slept. The strangers outside continued knocking, but the child just slept through it all.  Suddenly, a loud noise came, and the child woke up to see what the issue was.  He examined the room until he saw three strangers inside his house. Evidently the strangers were impatient because his door was hacked up into pieces and all over his floor. 


"Your first day as a genin and you slept through it all" said the Lady in the middle of the two strangers. She was clearly older than her two companions by the difference between their heights. She wore two swords behind her back and a mask over her face.  To the left of her stood a white haired child about the age of me.  He wore his hair in ponytail and didn't seem like he wanted much attention because of how far he stood from the raging armed women. To the right of her was a black man who, by the way he was crouching down ready to jump,  looked like he had a tremendous amount of energy.

"I'm late!? Thats impossible! Isn't it still morning?" he panicked as he ran to his window. He pulled the curtains up and cursed under his breath as light came flooding into his room.

"You're not only late, you made these two children wait over 4 hours for you!" 

"What an idiot..." muttered the white haired child in the background.

"As punishment.... You and your team must meet me at the designated spot in 2 minutes!" exclaimed the women.

"Yeah! You and your... wait what? Why me!?" retorted kid in the afro, but before he could get his answer the women dissapeared.

We had to use up all our stamina to make it to the grave site in time. While we were sprinting towards the memorial stone, I decided to ask what the names of the two boys next to me were.  The white haired boy's name was Smokez and the Afro was Kekiro. 









Ch II: A B-Rank Mission!!



Ch III: The Chunin Exams



Ch IV: The beginning of the end




Extra Stories

Ch I: The prodigy, Lu Kang!



Ch II: The fearless, Kekiro!



Ch III: The brilliant, Smokez!



Ch IV: The ruthless, Yousei!



Ch V: The tenacious, Hadashah!