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Name: Ichika

Clan: Muteki

Birthplace: The Hidden Leaf Village

Currently Reside:  The Hidden Leaf Village

Masteries: Earth/Water

Rank: Leaf Genin

Affiliation: None

Ninjas Killed: 600+




Background Story


Born in the Hidden Leaf Village, Ichika always wanted to be a leaf ninja, after all it was in his blood. A member of the Muteki clan, a noble clan of the Hidden Leaf that shows pride in strength. Ichika went to the academy to become a ninja, however it wasn't easy as he thought it would be. He was ranked the lowest in his classes, at the rate he was going, he wouldn't become a ninja. Ichika was very frustrated and decided to go to the training grounds alone, training all day. One day he met @Deimos V a strong ninja in the Leaf Village. Deimos V seen Ichika trying so hard to become stronger but he knew Ichika couldn't learn all the basics himself, with that being said Deimos V went up to Ichika and told him "If you want to become stronger, leave the academy and I'll personally train you how to become a strong shinobi." Ichika saw the strength of Deimos and decided to leave the academy to train with him. After 1 month of hard training, Deimos had taught him all the basics and even taught him a couple of jutsus including his first mastery, earth style. Ichika went back to the academy, becoming the strongest in his class and having everyone shocked. That same day, Ichika finally became a ninja and a Genin of the Leaf village.


Life as a Genin


Ichika started off with the typical D rank missions but it was far too easy for him with the help of @Baller and @Ljones. Soon enough he ended up going on missions stealing info from other villages which was easy for him since he exceeded in spying. He also went on many missions to kill enemy ninjas which he did a lot with @Baller @Zel @L3mon @Xerith and a couple others. Ichika made a lot of friends being a Leaf shinobi and having to team up with ninjas in his village to complete missions together. @Baller @Panda and @Enver were strong Leaf ninjas that Ichika would look up to, training with everyday to become stronger. One day, Ichika was assign to sneak inside Takumi Village, a place filled with missing nin to steal a scroll from the Daimyo. Ichika used Invisibility Cloak Jutsu to sneak in and take the scroll, right when he almost succeeded in stealing the scroll, a ninja grabbed his hand. The ninja had a mysterious mask that covered his face. Ichika and the mysterious ninja ended up fighting, however Ichika was no match for him. While Ichika struggled to get up, the mysterious ninja removed his mask and it turned out to be @Deimos V. Ichika was very surprised and asked him questions on why he left the village, Deimos told him it was simply to become even stronger, Ichika tried to ask more questions and wanted to bring him back but Deimos just knocked him out and took him near the Leaf Village Boundary Line. Ichika woke up in the hopsital and ended up reporting his failed mission to the hokage. Ichika never seen Deimos after that and felt weak for not being able to do much, it was his first failed mission, ever since that day, Ichika worked extra hard training with his fellow ninjas, accelerating his strength in a faster rate. 


Problems Within The Village


It was a normal day for Ichika, typical training and hanging out with friends. A young ninja from the Leaf Village and his squad requested help to defeat tigers nearby the village to make it a safer environment. Ichika decided to help them knowing the frustration of high ranked ninjas ignoring the new genins of the leaf. They went towards a group of tigers and started killing them, as they were doing that a rogue ninja appeared. The rogue ninja tried to attack the group of new genins however Ichika went at him and defeated him very easily. The group of genins seem to know who the rogue ninja, it was a friend of theirs who graduated the academy along side them. The group of genins were shocked and began questioning him on why he left the village and why he tried to attack them. The rogue ninja told them "I've worked hard to protect this village, it was my dream to someday become Hokage, however no matter how hard I worked no one paid attention to me, nor did anyone help me when I needed it. Instead they ignored me and laughed with each other ." Ichika and the others were off guard when the rogue ninja used a smoke bomb to get away. After that they continued to do their mission and went back to the village after. Ichika overheard the group of genins agreeing with the rogue ninja on what he said and talked about how the Hokage didn't pay attention to them at all. Two of the genins decided to quit on being a ninja, the only genin that didn't quit was @Raw. He decided to keep on going with his life as a ninja. Ichika had some thoughts about the rogue ninja and the two other genins problems since he too had this problem before meeting Deimos,Ljones and Baller. A couple of days after this incident Ichika met a shinobi named @Sweezy. Sweezy was a young ninja but he wasn't an ordinary one. He became strong so quick and easily passed through the ranks, even defeating high ranked ninjas, he was considered a prodigy. Ichika hanged out with him and did missions with him as they became good friends. One day they ran into a rogue ninja from the Leaf Village who was desperately trying to join back the village, helping other ninjas train their jutsus and helping them out on missions. Sweezy attacked the rogue ninja and killed him. Ichika was shocked and was confused on why he was attacked and killed. Sweezy responded telling Ichika "This is the rules in the Leaf Village, I am allowed to kill any rogue ninja in the village and they are not to be treated by medical ninjas." Ichika thought this was wrong and it wasn't fair at all, a ninja trying his best to join back the village and giving his absolute best just to die because of bad rules. The worst part was the rogue ninja did not fight back at all, instead all he tried to do was run away, regardless of being stronger simply because he did not want to hurt anyone from the Leaf. Later that day a Leaf Ninja killed another missing ninja who was from the Sand Village, however has always helped Leaf and risked his life for the village. However it was allowed due to the rules. Ichika started to see high ranked ninjas getting away from punishments that low ranks would get in trouble for and even exiled from the village. Ichika hated the thought and wanted to talk to the Hokage as soon as he came back. One night Ichika was assign to guard the village when a group of missing ninjas called "Yaku" went up to him for a talk. They invited Ichika into their organization but Ichika declined. He had hopes the village would change their rules and make things fair. The group of rogues decided to leave the village peacefully telling him things will always remain the same in the Leaf Village and what he was trying to do was pointless. The next day Ichika went up to the Hokage trying to talk to him about the rules and how he disliked it and tried to ask the hokage to remove these types of rules that loyal ninjas of the Leaf to be killed by other Leaf ninjas. however he got ignored. Later that day Ichika started disrespecting the 6th Hokage @Kuraen Vali and other high ranked shinobi, to the point where he would get exiled from the village. Ichika bolted out of the Hokage's office, knowing the Hokage wanted to capture him.

The hunt begins! Capture the missing ninja!


The hokage sent out 6 Genin's to capture Ichika since Jonin's and Chunin's were already out on missions. They instantly pursue Ichika into the Forest of Death. Ichika went behind a tree to use Shadow Clone Jutsu to confuse the 6 Genin's and force them to split up. 3 Genin's chased Ichika's clone and the other 3 Genin's chased Ichika, not knowing who was the real Ichika. Ichika's clone went the other direction quickly and once it was far enough, it disappeared during into smoke. The 3 Genin's couldn't do anything but report what happen and hope the other 3 Genin's capture Ichika. The 3 Genin's continued to chase after Ichika however Ichika's endurance was far greater than 2 of the Genin's chasing him, soon enough they both stopped, unable to take another step due to them being too exhausted. The last Genin kept chasing after Ichika and he wasn't tired at all. He was faster than Ichika and his endurance was better. Soon enough the last Genin finally caught up to him and threw a senbon at Ichika. Ichika quickly turned around and deflected it with a shuriken. Both Genin's stopped and faced each other preparing to battle each other out. The Genin was a strong taijutsu user who went to the academy with Ichika, his name was Itsuki.


Ichika and Itsuki always disliked each other. Ichika never liked Itsuki due to the fact that Itsuki was always cocky, looking down on his opponents and how he was always better than him. Itsuki never liked Ichika due to his stubbornness and how he always wanted another match after losing and improving after every fight slowly catching up to him. Itsuki was the strongest student in the academy with the highest grades and Ichika was the opposite. Ichika was the weakest student and had the lowest grades in the academy. Ichika was missing days at the  academy and his classmates started to wonder where he was at. Even Itsuki was curious about Ichika randomly not showing up to the academy, given the fact that everyone knew Ichika always wanted to be a ninja. After 2 weeks, Ichika came back explaining how he was training with this ninja named Deimos. Everyone felt the increase in power within Ichika and some people even started to debate if he was stronger than Itsuki. Itsuki being furious, decided to call out Ichika.

Itsuki:Hey hey hey! So you've been missing for 2 weeks and you come back in here acting all mighty? I've always been stronger than you, I'm sure you haven't forgotten all of our matches. You will never have the chance to beat me. you loser!

Ichika felt so strong he decided to call out Itsuki. Ichika: You're right, I've lost all of our battles severely, however that doesn't matter if you can't beat me now! 

 The whole classroom was watching this go down and wanted to see Ichika and Itsuki battle it out. Sensei Yori, the Academy Sensei decided to let Ichika and Itsuki have a friendly sparring match. Everyone went outside to watch Ichika and Itsuki battle it out. 

Sensei Yori:"You boys ready?

 Sensei Yori asked them, however all Ichika and Itsuki did was stare down at each other, balling up their fist. Sensei Yori decided to count down anyways with the whole classroom counting down with her. 3,2,1 go! they shouted as Itsuki and Ichika charge at each other. Ichika throws a shuriken at Itsuki however he quickly dodges it. Itsuki was very fast as usaully and instantly went right behind Ichika's back to finish him off with a blow to the head like he always does. However Ichika quickly uses the subisution jutsu and watches Itsuki hit the log. Ichika appears right behind him and instantly uses Shadow Clone Jutsu. Ichika hides behind a tree as Itsuki chases Ichika's clone, thinking it's Ichika. Itsuki ends up giving Ichika's clone a hard blow to the face but it ends up disappearing as smoke comes out showing it's a clone. While Itsuki was distracted with Ichika's clone, Ichika casted Earth Style: Earth Prison to stop Itsuki's movements and shows himself and charges at Itsuki to give him a hard kick to the face. Itsuki ends up on the floor and by the time he tries to get up Ichika has a kunai to his face, indicating Ichika has won the match. Ever since that day Itsuki always wanted revenge against Ichika.

:Flashback Over:

Red Chat: Itsuki

Blue Chat: Ichika

 Itsuki: It's about damn time I have my revenge. I'll defeat you and bring you back to Lord Hokage and watch you suffer, you traitor

 Ichika: Seems like someone as forgotten about our last battle. Let me remind you how it went.

Itsuki: Oh yeah? Bring it on!

Itsuki charges at Ichika before he could even make a handsign, leaving him no choice but to fight him with taijutsu. Ichika tries to punch Itsuki but Itsuki dodges all of his attacks and continues to severely beat Ichika in taijutsu. Itsuki tried to hit Ichika with Morning Peacock but ends up missing the attack which gave Ichika time to use Earth Style: Mudwave and uses Earth Style:  Ravaging Earth Spikes as well for a combo attack. Itsuki being hurt, contintues to charge at Ichika. Ichika runs and decides to cast Earth Style: Pillar however Itsuki subsituies it and uses Breaking Kick, a very strong taijutsu kick and also adds in Semisic Dash a very strong taijutsu punch which gave Ichika a bloody broken nose. Itsuki was unable to move for a split second after using Semisic Dash and Ichika throws a shuriken towards his arm making it bleed. Both of them stare at each other both being very hurt.

Ichika: Seems like you've been training hard I'll give you that.

Itsuki: This is perfect... now I can just tell Lord Hokage I had no choice but to kill you to win the battle...

Ichika: Wait what? Woah woah woah I'm not trying to die or kill anyone dude, let's just have a friendly match like we always did. If I lose I'll come back if you win you let me walk away peacefully.

Itsuki: Ahahahaha don't be a fool, You're no longer a Leaf Ninja, you are now an enemy to the village, we are no longer  rivals competing against each other, we are enemies killing each other. It's time for you to die!

Itsuki takes off his weights and starts running and attacking faster than before. Ichika fails to keep up with Itsuki as his speed accelerates to the point where Ichika only see fast blurrs in the corner of his eye to get a hard rapid blow of punches and kicks to the face. Ichika nose starts to bleed and ends up with a black eye and ends up falling to the ground. He ended up realizing this is a life or death battle even if he didn't want it to be like that. Ichika ends up constantly throwing shurikens and starts climbing trees and jumping around to avoid Itsuki's fast attacks and Ichika's shurikens start to keep on hitting Itsuki as Ichika hops tree to tree sniping shurikens. Ichika uses a clone jutsu and switches himself up, Ichika ran up on Itsuki however Itsuki ignored it and ran straight towards the clone in the back thinking Ichika was using the clone as a diversion like the last fight they had. Itsuki grabs the clone and attempts to choke it out.

Itsuki: You think I'd fall for that same trick twice? It's over!

The clone ends up turning into smoke and disappearing as Itsuki stands still once holding on to the clones neck one moment and the other he is holding nothing. Ichika uses Earth Style: Earth Split and makes Itsuki fall into a crack, Ichika ends up filling the crack with Earth Style: Mud River and using Earth Style:  Ravaging Earth Spikes which ends up piercing through his body and Ichika throws one last shuriken right into his heart to finish it off.

This was Ichika's first time ever killing a ninja and it wasn't just a regular ninja, it was a classmate and someone he would always compete against to become stronger, a rival. Ichika thought about what Itsuki had said, what if his other friends in the leaf village would try to kill him? Ichika denied the thought, his friends would never betray him. Ichika looked at Itsuki's dead body one last time and decided to flee before backup from the Leaf Village arrive. Ichika decided to make his way to Takumi Village to live there, a village filled with missing ninjas.

The start of a new life, rogue ninja!


Ichika finally made it to Takumi village, a group of rogue ninjas known as Senpou instantly approached him.

Gowk Gowk: What are you doing here you?  

Ichika: I left my village, The Leaf Village and I have no where else to go.

Gowk Gowk: That's bullshit, go back to leaf, I'll kill you right here.

Gowk Gowk started to attack Ichika, Ichika tried to fight back but he was no match for these rogue ninjas, they were too strong and were able to use two masteries while he was only able to use one. He constantly kept getting beat by Gowk Gowk and the rest of his organization members. @Nej ended up stopping the fight and saved Ichika. Nej was a former comrade of Ichika but he left the village and joined Yaku, ever since then they constantly had many battles. Nej ended up inviting Ichika to the organization and Ichika accepted it since he had no where else to go. Some Senpou members didn't like this at all, they didn't even like Yaku since they've been defeated by them many times. Ichika ended up going on missions alongside @Nej @Pachi and @Taeyoe. They went up against other rogue ninjas,sand ninjas, and leaf ninjas and killed them all. One day Ichika ended up approaching a couple of his friends back at leaf. He thought he would be able to still be friends with them and not have to fight each other. @Baller and a couple other ninjas started to attack Ichika and his fellow organization members. Baller told him they were now enemies meaning they would have to fight, Ichika remembered these same lines from Itsuki. Ichika didn't want to kill his former Leaf ninja friends, however they tried everything they could to kill him. Realizing Ichika was struggling trying to fight the leaf ninjas, Taeyoe managed to throw a smoke bomb and Nej and Pachi ended up picking up Ichika to safety. He ended up getting scolded at but he realized one thing, his old friends are no longer his friends, Ichika decided to cut his bonds with everyone in the Leaf and try to kill every single one of them.



The organization taka, was considered the strongest organization, constantly attacking the Leaf,Sand, and the Akatsuki. No one in Takumi dared to challenge them besides the Akatsuki.  Many members within Yaku slowly disappeared and started to wonder around the ninja world. @Jin ended up inviting the remaining members in Yaku which where Nik, Pachi, Nej, Taeyoe, and himself. Ichika met one of the members @VipeRz. Viperz was a strong member within Taka and Ichika would look up to him, always asking him for a match, Ichika would constantly lose but he kept learning something each time he lost. Ichika also went on many missions with Nik and Pachi. They were working hard trying to find their second mastery by constantly going out on missions together and fighting Leaf,Sand,Mist, and rogue ninjas. Ichika would also go out with the organization to attack the Hidden Leaf Village. Ichika wasn't really a team fighter and he didn't really know what to do, however @Jin, the leader of taka helped him out and it turns out Ichika's mastery Earth, was amazing in team fights by being able to trap mutiple targets with Earth Style: Earth Prison, and many more jutsus.


 At first, Ichika just joined them for protection within Takumi, however he started to get close with the other members and ended up creating a bond, becoming friends with many of them. He also kept getting stronger thanks to them. Ichika kept training with his friends and finally discovered his second mastery, Water style. Ichika ended up taking a journey around the ninja world to master these jutsus, fighting other ninjas and constantly getting better at it. Once Ichika returned to Takumi, he discovered some members in Taka left, returning to their old village. Majority of them stayed though, and new members kept joining. Ichika also ended up finding out @VipeRz and @Enver joined Akatsuki. Viperz, the former taka member who helped him become strong from many battles and Enver who also helped Ichika become strong and even saved his life, thinking Enver died since he never returned to the Leaf Village after their last mission with Baller. Ichika decided to stick with his organization no matter what and even fought these two. With his second mastery he was able to match up with them in many fights which made Ichika happy, his hard work paid off. Fighting along side each other and always helping each other out, Ichika started to see Taka as a family. 

@Midnight @Ansem @Jin @Takami @Feinz @Chan @Vin @Sin @Wrathful @Nej @Taeyoe @Oriax 



Even though Ichika loved everyone in Taka, he knew deep down he still wanted to head back to the Hidden Leaf Village. He still had many goals and it was always his dream to become a important member within the village. Ichika told this to his organization members and they wished him the best luck, and Ichika did the same as he decided to pack up to go to the Hidden Leaf Village. 




Returning back to the Village!


Ichika went to the Hidden Leaf Village to confront the 6th Hokage, @Kuraen Vali.They had a talk in the Hokage office and it was decided that Ichika was in a process to get accepted back into the village. Some people were happy, others weren't. Ichika spent an entire a month in the village helping the new generation with their missions and defending the village from attacks as well as attacking other villages alongside them. Some leaf ninjas would try to attack Ichika, knowing they would lose easily but also knowing if he ends up attacking them he will never be accepted into the village. Ichika would just escape many times until the Hokage finally pardoned him into the village. Even though Ichika is finally a leaf ninja once again, people still disliked him from the things he has done to the village in the past and try to get rid of Ichika from the village. Currently Ichika is still doing what he has done during the pardon, helping the village. Even though people are trying to falesly report him and make sure he doesn't have an important role in the village, Ichika is still determine to become a strong ninja in The Hidden Leaf village and a important member as well.