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serias.png.39e3b49e10488a838c47a9a21a86525c.pngDrawing by Emiko

Serias the Blacksmith Swordsman

Serias is a mist ninja born of the sakame clan
A ninja who values loyalty over everything 
To forsake ones own kin is the greatest crime one can ever commit in the eyes of Serias
After being countlessly betrayed by those he saw as his Nakama Serias became a lone drifter never once forgetting that familial feeling that he once found amongst those you can trust

It is said that serias is one of the legendary sword forgers amongst others such as @Reap and @Ueda

Although 2 of his specially crafted sword designs were stolen by leaf and sand spies who stole the blueprints to create their special ops anbu squad swords.

Although his works are now being spread around the world it still brings joy to his face when he sees his works being used even in the hands of his enemies against him, Serias has learned to recognized the Ninja World for what is while trying to better himself and the people around him

No longer will the righteous suffer while the wicked thrive.

This is the story of the Blacksmith swordsman