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I may be crying now but I'll be laughing later...


Alias: Golden Star                                                                      

Age:  19

Clan:  Hyuga

Mastery: Gentle Fist / Medic

Rank: Genin

Village: Leaf

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes: White(Byakugan)/Green

Likes: Courtesy, Friendships, Loyalty

Dislikes: Harass, Restrictions, Unrighteousness

Specialties: Athleticism, Strategy, Perseverance




This is the Story of  "Nej" The Leaf Ninja who's  Fueled by Revenge and Hatred for those who have crossed him.


Chapter I "Graduation" :

Nej is a bastard child, his Father past away in the Great Ninja War whilst his mom was pregnant. Thankfully, Nej had aquired the clans' Hidden Gentle Fist Technique. Growing up, he was naive to all the evils of the world. He put his trust in many of his friends. Some showed their loyalty and some had shown a sense of betrayal. He enjoyed this because it very easily separated the people who he wanted to avoid with the people who were closest to him. Nej loved the leaf village, it was his home. He finally graduated the Academy as a Genin with his Team @Taeyoe@AlphaRogue@Fates. His team was far advanced from the other Genins but for some reason their skill was not acknowledged by the Hokage or anyone in the leaf. This put his mind in a very bothersome state because all is team dreamed about was being strong and protecting the Village.


Twitch: nejji

YouTube: nejji

Twitter: xnejji