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Ninja Bio

Due to personal opinion and issues decided to leave Hayashi clan and follow his father path!

for Chunin Exam report, scroll down to hidden section!




"Remember that people are wolves
Keep your eyes open, keep your kunai tight, 
Do not forget that you have a heart for the poor, and beware of rich."

Name:  Alarnin

Clan: Kuraen

Age: 28

Rank: Chunin (CE passed 23/11/2019)

Personality: Romantic, Perv, Strict, Loyal, Mad

Eyes: Golden and Red

Hair color:  Dark Brown


staty12.png.c24a3e4ad88efd4460ee3d0fdaebbf77.png                                            statt.png.1cdbfc8830c408e781227cad19b3b50f.png

 Son of @Kuraen Vali.

Future Kage

Father of cuttest daughters ever: @Baby(profile) , @Hanami (profile)and @Aaruni (profile)

The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.


When he noticed that one of his daughters left village, he felt very depressed and trained a lot to show her right way of Shinobi



High inteligence and Fire realease Jutsus made him Glass Canon of Konoha




He decided to destory bonds with Hayashis clan with his inner madness



During his time in madness, he awakened his inner wolf and became Kuraen - Hunters of Konoha



Alarnin defend village from enemies, burns them down




During peace time with Sand, he meditated a lot and found out his second master - Water



He mastered every jutsu from Water release



After mastering all jutsus, he focused on meditations and his eyes become golden



Someone played with him, which made him insane



N ow he is just focused on village since his heart can be fixed only by love



E very day he meditade in Leaf Square and focusing his chakra to become master of Boil art



A ll he wants now, is to die and become a spirit and watch for his beloved or to bring back love to his life.pobrane.gif.32a83f254336b2c930b015eb55b47968.gif




. . .


Chunin Exam


One month before Chunin Exam annoucement, Lord Kage, @Kuraen Vali Made a list of Genins and their senseis to prepare teams for Chunin Exam.

Alarnin was very stressed, so he came closer and he saw his name on the list:

Team 5:

 @Tifa @Hageshi Hinode  @Kuraen Alarnin

Sensei:  @Ljones


He was pretty sure that they will reach a finals with his perfect team!

They`ve trained everyday!

After two weeks of training, Sensei Ljones came to us with sad information. He said that "Lord Kage is sending me on mission, so I wont be able to be Your sensei during Chunin Exam, but..... I would like to introduce You Your new Sensei - @Jasmine"

She looked outstanding and very powerfull, her blond hairs was covering her deadly eyes. She was Gentle Fist S-tier Kunoichi!

Day before Chunin Exam, out team were spending time together in bar.


We`ve met eachothers in Chunin Exam building.
There were 7 teams, each of them had a dream to become a Chunin.

After short introduction, Lord Kage started Chunin Exam with his first stage. It was a riddle. We had to find a place and reach destination in less than 10 minutes.



It was Tanzaku Quarters. We`ve managed to reach there in around 3 minutes!
All teams passed first stage, so Lord Kage proceed for second stage. It was Team vs Team vs Team.

We were fighting as a first!


@Tifa @Hageshi Hinode @Kuraen Alarnin VS @Raw @Baller @xAlpha VS @Korra @Kyreno @Kekiro

We were hiding around trees and let Raws team kill the oponents

When "Tripple K`s team" was defeated, we went after Raws team, but we failed. 

After few more fights, Lord Kage asked captains of Losers team to step forward and roll a dices. My team pushed me towards my father, I rolled a dice with my eyes closed, when I felt Tifas arms around my neck, I knew that my roll, was very high. It was 98!

We had another Chance to get to the finals.

Our next fight was :

@Tifa  @Hageshi Hinode @Kuraen Alarnin vs @Kekiro @Kyreno @Korra vs @M o o n @Hekla @Zali


Again, we started our fight hiding in trees where my team told me, to lead them to victory. I`ve asked Hageshi to place as many as he can, traps under the trees. Tifa were scouting so we knew oponents possition. We waited until "Tripple K`s team" died, so we rushed into the fight. Our first target - Hekla - faited very fast, quick combo from me and Hageshi made him to fall on his knees. After this quick takedown, we were chasing Zali and Moon. Zali was running pretty fast, but Hageshis trap managed to take her down. Our last enemy was killed by Tifa. Her Gentle fists closed every chakra spot in his body so he decided just to agreed with loose.



It was very stressed day.


3rd and last stage of this Chunin Exam was in Leaf Arena.


It was 1v1 fights.

My first fight was versusu my younger Kuraen brother, @xAlpha




I`ve managed to win this fight, but I know how much my brother wanted to become a Chunin so I asked for cheer up to him



Next fight was @Tifa vs @Charky


After long fight, Charky won this fight. Tifa came back for use, and so I hugged her and told her that she already did great!


Next fight for out team was @Hageshi Hinode vs @Raw

Hageshi wasnt sure about this, but we told him, to dont stop bealiving, after short period of time, Raw won this fight.


Then, I heard my name Again!



Knowing that @Baller is a great fighter, I was ready for lost.


We`ve been fighitng for sooooo long, but at the end I was a looser.



After this, me and my team was watching rest of fights. 
In final match Raw lost to Baller, which cheered me up, that I lost to a winner!

After few days, Lord Kage annouced a new Chunins:

 @Charky @Prado @Raw @Zelgius @Kuraen Alarnin

Jonin: @Senketsu


I was sooo happy, I wear my Chunin west and protector and run towards my team to celebrate!

I think that they are happy for me!


Something here soon! 


Few more things are comming soon.