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  1. Vali the Dragon is buff himself
  2. Happy to see new content!
  3. You have to buy Gold Ninja
  4. Best bio, best music and best rebel ever :) 

    1. Baby


      I didn't even start yet LMFAO but thanks! urs too!  \(*^ v ^) /  *rebel laugh*

  5. I also agree, dont not everything should be taken as serious thing. Also report for word GAY? What if I feel bad, when someone says Hi/Hello? If we will follow like that, soon Nin wont be able to use chat at all. Cut toxicity - yet Cut silly jokes - no Give some freedom to people since we are trying to enjoy the game, and mostly its towards @Shenron I`ve noted high report since he joined staff. Nobody likes hate, but sometimes its warning someone for 1 word is too much and I guess, that many people will agree. Please, before reporting/warning someone check full chat logs or try to understand. Peace Cheers
  6. 79
  7. Sometimes it takes longer that usual. Just be patient or try to change email
  8. Actually good idea to have few kind of blessings: -Drop Blessing - 10% more -Jutsu training blessing - 15% faster -Advanced XP Blessing - 200% Just ideas
  9. Great event! Glad to get 2 coupons so far
  10. Thanks for feedback guys, that was just an idea, numbers can be fixed. I really would like to see more RP in Nin, thats why I came out with that idea. I think that could be awesome for Villages go have more chances to lvl up their characters is RP way and for rogues also good opportunity to become stronger and give us content, which are Raids. Peace
  11. @Indra
  12. its just a concept. Let me change it to /lol
  13. @RIP is emote /xd good enough?
  14. /rp /sleep /analyzing /ez /smirk /music /lol /eyes /kiss If You got any idea I can make a coughs "concept art"
  15. Hello Nin Community. I am comming with (hopes so) great idea. I`ve talk to many people in Leaf village about some sort of weak RP in the game, I came up with idea. Additional RP missions like RP5, RP6 and RP7 for Leaf, Sand and Mist village Levels for RP missions would be: RP5 - 35+ (Reward is 400k xp) RP6 - 40+ (Reward is 700k xp) RP7 - 48+ (Reward is 900k xp) All the missions will have to take place in danger zone (Bell Zone map to "grind" RP missions after RP4 would be called as abuse) To reward this for Rogues from Takumi, I would recommend one from Option: 1) Additional Daily mission after lvls 35 (That means, after Toad missions, rogues will get 4 missions daily) 2) Additional Missions Chain in Tanzaku and Labolatory (Kill 4 Chunins from village, Kage assasination, Obtain 3 bloodvials). For 2nd option those missions will be able to take only ONCE, but will give huge amount of XP (1,5kk xp for Mission from Labolatory, 2kk xp for mission from Tanzaku) I think thise idea would bring some fresh air to NIN. Waiting for Your feedback @Ueda