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    Increase percentage Add some chakra points Passive WoF Sub activated when person comes back to life Pick one
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    Alarnin made a "song" and You wanted to join* Overall nice collection
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    Also we got many good artist in Nin, like @Crowlock Ask him
  4. Great Guide
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    Name: Kuraen AlarninRank: ChuninReason for joining: LMPF is lack of Chunins so I can help them with Jailing and taking care of village. Also I have VPN so I am good
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    Might be a nice new weapon for Tai users Spin- After killing enemy- Before killing enemy-
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    just made it in 10 min
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    Check bears 1 and bears 2. Also I got it once on bears 3 which are on the way to mist @Mokuchi
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    did some concepts. maybe someone can make them better
  13. @Leiting https://www.ninonline.org/forum/index.php?/refunds.html/
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    Its a good move to put it in Cash Shop, like name tags to items. More money towards nin, more vontent for future.
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    even with fake info, cause as far as I remember Poland won WW2
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    get a bone sword
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    Kids around age 6-8 are not allowed to play nin. Privacy Protections for ChildrenIn order to protect the privacy of minors, we do not allow children under the age of 13 to participate in any service provided by Nin Online without the consent of a parent or guardian.
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    Hey Nin community, I am comming today to You with idea which may be good to see in game. I`ve spoke today with @Raw and @Ichika and I got 1 idea about clans. Adoption system for clanless ninjas. Once You created Your character, You could pick a clan or not. For those who did, I dont have any idea but for clanless I think it should be nice to see some adoptions ceremonies to clans. I know there are plenty Clanless players which are part of clan but have to make alts to join meetings in clan houses thats why I think that should be great idea for RP manners in game. You clanless? Someone can adopt You. @Ueda that topic is specially for You, cause I know that many players asked You about changing clan. Peace
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    Welcome back, bring some quality content to mist Peace
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    so we call even missing alts - leafies? nah
  23. Kuraen Alarnin

    Who You call village member?
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    Strange... All rogues/sands in this topic are against Kuraens, also Sour which (at least try) to kill leaf on missing account. That just shows why we, Kuraens stick together and work for better Leaf. Do something for village instead of just acting and gathering enemies of Leaf around Yourself. Peace