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  1. Adding another (small) island to the South Eastern maps is definitely a step into the right direction. Thank you for that @Ueda I can tell that Mist villagers already love it. I believe it would be in everyone's favor of this game to add more islands , to the whole sea. Making it a pvp-friendly area, a area that people would enjoy pvping on. I would suggest to add more islands to South Eastern Sea Map I and II ( Map I is just empty) and making the South Eastern Sea map IV a Danger zone again. This way I am sure there would be alot more pvp and people would enjoy the Mist Village more aswell. ( You gotta understand its boring running through a open map with nothing but water , aswell as taking a boat for 5 minutes) I don't mind keeping the Map III as a pure kraken map , so people can do their mission there and also at the same time have a hard time getting to the Mist Village (Land of Water). Looking forward to any upcoming changes but like I said I am already happy with this one, so thanks again
  2. Since the Chunin exams didn't happen last Saturday, they will be held on this Saturday , the 30th November Registrations start at 12 PM EST ( I am sorry that I am a little late with this message) ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  3. Clam is even better for that strategy though enver , and basically that would work for a weasel or most other summons too
  4. Panda super slow though , Weasel atleast hits massive damage super fast from long range
  5. Hello Mist Villagers, once again we will have a Chunin Exams for only Mist Ninjas. It is gonna take place on the 23rd November (Saturday) at 1 PM EST. Just like before the entry fee will be 2k each member (6k each team). Registration will be around 30 minutes long, make sure to be there with your team. Meet at the Chunin Exams Registration Building. Advices for the CE: Pvp Skill matters the most, but I value RP alot aswell. ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  6. Not about the prizes .. about what I do to make it fun
  7. I might make more kinda "random" giveaways, just need more ideas about it
  8. Well, it's cool that so many people joined this and gave it a try.. We actually have a winner, and I am kinda disappointed that it's a account that was made 10 days ago, @Ryukan won, the number was 73.
  9. I am giving away a Gold Furred Armor to the first person that guesses the number that I have in mind right , from 1 - 100. Rules: 1. You only have 1 guess. 2. You can only guess with 1 account. ( I know most alt accounts, I won't allow any sus account to win) Good luck
  10. This is bringing some action to the danger and warzones, I love it
  11. Gonna try to do it today, in 3 hours from now on , 3 PM EST.
  12. I have to delay the Events for personal reasons, Sorry. I will tell when it will happen instead soon. :/
  13. You will definitely be missed. You were a very good council member and I was honored.. It's sad to see you leave but it will probably be for the better of you. Good luck and take care mate.
  14. I will be hosting 2 events this upcoming Saturday , 7th September, starting at 2 PM EST. FIrst Event: 1v1 Korean Style (KOR) event. (lvl 15+) Everyone will receive rewards, the winning team obviously more than the losing team. And there will also be a MVP for the best performance, who will receive a better reward. Second Event: A Randomized 2v2 Tournament (lvl 30+) Depending on how many teams participate, there will also be great rewards for the winning team(s). (PS: If for whatever there should be a War event, this will be delayed to another day) ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji
  15. Greetings Mist Ninjas, as you have may heard the joint Chunin Exams that were supposed to be on this weekend have been cancelled. Therefore we will have our own Chunin Exams for Mist-only. It will take place next Saturday, on the 24th August at 1 PM EST. There will also be a entry fee of 2 k Ryo each person (6 k each team). This money will be put into the next events that will be hosted in the future, as rewards. Make sure to find a team if you haven't had one this saturday, I would like to see as many people participate as possible. Just like in the previous Chunin Exams, this one will consist of 3 Stages. More details will be given out on site. ~Second Mizukage („The Unbreakable Blade“) Kureji