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  1. This may not have been decided yet bu if it has i would like to know the Clans/Non Clans that will be in the game.
  2. Wow this is great though there might be players who want to keep the swords they win and let other players have the same swords to keep but the system is great. If you kept the SSM sword you got you would probably see almost all swordsman with an SSM sword
  3. Yeah i want to be able to smoke and get Drunk lol
  4. Im guessing you'll be a youth
  5. Welcome Hope to see u in game :ph34r:
  6. U right the games graphics are already great
  7. I heard that this game us only having one Hand seal i think that it would be better if we had 12 one hand seal doing a bunch of jutsu will look weird.
  8. I know but im just stating some idea's i know that this one is hard but maybe later on in the game when the game is already more amazing than it is right now they can add this update
  9. So im back guys and i thought that there should be an age system something like this Age 1-2 = Baby icon Age 3-5 = Toddler Icon Age 6-9 = Little kid Age 10-13 = Kid Icon Age 14-18 = Adult icon (A little shorter than regular adult icon) Age 18-50 = Adult icon Age 50+= Old man icon Also players will grow differently some players will be tall some short some average height you never know. I know i don't have any icons and this is hard to do but if this is implemented in the game it would be Nice
  10. Yea that good 2 and Mist SSM get it for free and it customizable for them
  11. I like that idea Raiga but the sword should be binded to you and customizable on looks ONLY
  12. Ahhh man forgot to post in the suggestions forum
  13. OK i think that for this game there should be a seven swordsman group not actually seven people in but a group that has access to more powerful swords than regular players and this sword is always with them through life and death aka binded to u and can't be picked up by someone else Maybe each swordsman will be able to costumize the way their sword looks with a couple icons that way everyone in the SSM should never have the same looking sword
  14. Thx guys for the warm welcome