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  1. Game

    really? you delete what i said? what a fucking JOKE!
  2. Game

    we all do! D2 one of the most unbalance game ever made and yet one of the greatest.. 15+ years later and i still find myself play d2 once or twice a year for 2 to 4 months.. its take lot to create game to live this long and not lose his player base..
  3. when you get spam hate for few weeks and people spreed rumors and hate on player.. what will motivated that player to keep play? let alone put time into position that is is total cancer!
  4. Sand will never gonna have another good Kazekage with massive potential like you.. you put lot of time into prep and note before the council meetings, RP and the Host a Tournament to look for head of sand assassin position.. sad that you never given the chance to prove yourself by few players who wanted that position and unhappy that someone else got it. so they just got out of their way to ruin your experience.. SAD what have become from the Community
  5. well, when missing org hunt down the kids (low levels) of sand and leaf both side will use this opportunity to unite for common goal and protect the future of both villages. and yes, sand and leaf lost some good ninjas in the past few days who join to evil org that threatened the way of life in the world. and we WILL expose of this problem before its grow more. ((was fun fight))
  6. Best Of luck in your future and study.. hope you the best of what life can offer.. you've been ♥Great GM♥
  7. Game

    ill make it short.. NO idea how THEY did their own code but!.. core must be close.. private void AttackEnemy() { if(Vector3.Distance(playerTransform.position, enemyTarget.transform.position) < attackRange) { playerTransform.position = Me the player at "this" block enemyTarget.transform.position = Mob the snake at "this" block < attackRange = we at range since our first hit did connect. my hit miss, and snake hit lower my hp now.. what Robin talk about is "networking" where in any server that is this far from other people, you gonna see lag.. what is lag?. you see what happend in the "past".. lets say 200ms you need to aim where they going to be in the "future" now i did MAKE SURE, that me and my target both static in same "blocks" and for the test we both did not move.. this is establish that even if there is lag, and animation did play but not hit yet. all i needed was to wait 200ms.. that mean that animation.Play(attack.name); // or animation.Crossfade(attack.name); did play and the "attackRange = true" and damage did not show even after few sec later, and snake damage was consistent and mine isn't. from that its safe to say not server, but code bug. now i'm not expert in networking. but i do understand and know quite a lot about it.. i'm sure the bug is somewhere in their if/else statement of "attackTimer -= Time.deltaTime; " and its worth to look at.. again NOTE: this is how i would write parts of the script, and i have no idea how they did theirs.
  8. Game

    lets get right to it.. visual bug, where sword add 3 chak but highlight in light green the fort and not chak stat. also no sound effect when attack with it. NOTE: it only show fort but do not rise it. and do not rise the stat (had 85 fort with and without the sword) only highlight the wrong one. PM me for more info if not understood. ill be online on discord 24/7 and good luck to the developers with this bug. hope you find and fix it in no time.
  9. Game

    as WM kenjutsu style, i use sword most of my time in the game. found out some bug and manage to record it. our basic attacks are faster then Fan and slower then Tai.. but what ive seen alot happen is. first hit land (connect aka do damage/miss) second and sometimes 3rd attack do not even register at all, only show animation.. watch the video and see what i'm mean by not even register (not damage, miss or block) just as if animation play and dose not really attack. - file 2017-05-01 16-30-55.flv - video https://youtu.be/S7ZOyNrvhQ0 break down video. 1# hit - DID register as miss. 2# hit - connect and did 60. 3# hit - did not register. 4# hit - did not register. 5# hit - connect and did 60. 6# hit - connect and did 60. 7# hit - did not register. 8# hit - connect and did 60. no one fight like that one by one and face to face with mob. BUT, hit still don't register when i kite the mob or fight in pvp.. about same frequency. and that just problem. hope the bug is clear and if you need to ask anything ill reply as soon i see it.. hope you you have hard time fix that. good luck.
  10. Website

    wtf, this is bug report not chit chat can't detect the sarcasm. ~ -~` @Wilkor it does matter a bit.. i'd like to see as well who like a topic/post that is controversial. i just think they forgot to add this little "privilege" to silver and this why i post this on bug report. not top priority but should be fixed.
  11. i'm tank, atm no1 can kill me with that jutsu. its mush be painful for YOU to ear because YOU ARE WIND, and you just want your little op jutsu to remain that way. but as tester you should give honest feedback even if its mean nerf for your own mastery.. i told Rory about WM being broken when i hit 165 with one move.. it got fix (nerf to 45) and WM is most balance mastery right now. so people like you should stop thinking about yourself and help balance the game. Done, topic muted..
  12. no matter how you look at this hit over 400 with one jutsu is broken.. also don't try to justify that insane damage for the fact that "its hard to hit" all 1 tile jutsu (include projectiles) are hard to hit.. same for medic stun explosive kinai lightning spear, water spear, piercing blade.. if the target is not stun, there is high change you wont do damage with those jutsu in pvp.. what will happened when people get to level 50? 2nd mastery will be earth or water for CC (stun) if level 30-35 hit for 700 with 0 damage stun, how much you think level 50 will do with aoe homing stun that deal alot!? there must be balance fix to this one.. i'm done walking about that issue..
  13. 400-450 with that 4 projectiles, and 100-120 with that homing little tornado (mark and cost) and 100-120 from wind wave (lvl 15 jutsu) lets see how much that combo do again.. 0 from (stun) + 400 + 100 + 100 = 600 0 from (stun) + 450 + 120 + 120 = 690 that's the combo of wind.. from lowest ive ever got to highest.. other masteries combo top at 300 to 350. stun is not the issue.. there are Masteries out there with selfstun jutsus like WM where 3 out of 5 jutsu are selfstun. Wind should not be able to do this much damage with or without stun.
  14. Website

    as Silver Account i can't see who did the like on posts, its show "someone like a " while in my normal account it show who like the post..
  15. Game

    i got hit for 700+ i had 850 at the time so i manage to survive, but still