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  1. Seth get to new school and Rory still in his holidays.. that's at least what i remember.. i'm sure as they settle things in IRL they will work on the game.. small step back but irl come first..
  2. this video on youtube just killed me at 1:30, hope some of you will find this funny : 3 kid after surgery, high on hospital drugs, don't recognize his father when he try to wipe hie tears off.. golden moment ^u^
  3. " An audio error occurred "
  4. Game

    i spoke to @Rory about this few days ago, and he said the base damage is gonna be much lower then other jutsus for other masteries. average base damage for jutsu is about 25-30. str path will be 7-12. if that's still to high they gonna lower it even further, i told rory, str path need the effects of the jutsu more then the damage itself and he agree.. don't forget you need level 20 sword that cost 5k and 70 str to hit 50 with basic attack, you sacrifice a lot from Fort to hit just 50. also, no need to worry so much ill give detailed feedback to find the right balance, even if it's mean big nerf for my own mastery..
  5. Game

    either way, in case they do change things in the economy this system still will fit perfectly without interruption. and the numbers above was just simple example. :x there will be need of balance but i believe it won't take long to find it.. blank scroll already exist and make another use for it while solve problem for WM should bit better then mess around to much with individual drop system and WM Loot table.. the main idea was to help out in low levels who won't be able to afford tools to farm with.. even after they lower the prices from 5 ryo to 2 ryo. WM with no ryo or no ammo won't able to level up. 100% for low level tools (Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon). - pack of 100 or 200. don't see problem for lvl 1-10 get himself pack of 100-200 kunai that will help him level up when he get his first two jutsus.. give him only 50-60 he we did not solve anything.
  6. Game

    well.. first the problem is not how much you can carry, where the limit atm is 200 and not "carry as much as you want with no limits." second the point is to help out the WM in their lack of ammo and the ability to afford it without impact the economy with new drop rate, new prices, lower ammo prices (again..) during farm its guarantee you get at least one blank scroll, this way you can refill your ammo for the next farm. as i ask in my Note above there was discussion that follow about ammo issue.. it's seems like people here so lazy ill sum up what was said there. Int path for WM is like every other ele mastery but with one big disadvantage, AMMO! while other masteries use level 10 - 15 jutsu, all its cost them is chakra and the rare cases Shuriken or Senbon.. WM int path is in constant need of endless supply of ammo for every jutsu. the loot don't cover even 10% of the total expenses on the ammo that was used. and even after they lover the ammo price from 5 to 4 then for 3, and again for 2.. its still impossible for WM to level up without have huge ammout of ryo. people who ran out of money and ammo go back to punch lavra to sell their shells for 1 ryo.. its ele leveling 1 to 10 all over again.. @Hecarim who was level 28 Water mastery, reset and went WM int path. he says: " addition of scrolls would be rather useless " only those who ignorance for the issue at hand can say that.. (not an insult so please don't take it personally.) addition of scrolls would be rather helpful! level 15 jutsu take 6 Ryo every use, level 10 and 20 take 2 yro each every use. and that's just the first 3 jutsus.. ( Ignorance is the lack of knowledge.[1] The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often (incorrectly) used to describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts. ) i'd like to hear your point of view now. (after the enlightenment on the issues).
  7. Game

    you could be WM as 2nd mastery.. its int path every ele can go WM.. it's big part of the choices we face.
  8. Game

    Weapon Master Int path (Bukijutsu) is currently have huge problem with Ammo, i was thinking about how Tenten use it in her battles and remember the Fūinjutsu Scrolls.. What i suggest is simple: Go to the Weapon shop with blank scroll and create Fūinjutsu Scrolls. once you run out of ammo during farm "use" the Fūinjutsu Scroll for pack of 100 or 200 (one time use), either Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon.. how you know what you get from the scroll?, i got few idea in mind but i think this will fit the best. you just choose what the scroll will contain > and only god know what other tools will be add in the future, like Makibishi or Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb or the Kunai Grenade or even bear trap for the lvl 30 jutsu. so for way down the road this system like the jutsu scroll system will have the RNG. 100% for low level tools (Kunai, Shuriken, Tag or Senbon). - pack of 100 or 200. 75% for mid level tools (Makibishi, Bear trap or Kunai Grenade). pack of 50 or 100. and 35% for high level tools (Flash Bomb, Smoke bomb, etc..) pack of 5 or 10. we will have to find the right balance for it, but this is what beta is for Note: if you like to counter people from abuse it for money, (blank scroll > transform > Fūinjutsu Scroll > Ammo > sell > Ryo..) make the ammo worth 0 in the shop. or make blank scroll worth 100 ryo at the store also see suggestion over the WM int and the discussion that follow about ammo issue.. ***i'd like to hear what you guys think about this. and ill put a poll above to see how many people on board for this idea.
  9. Game

    you read and learn the jutsu all its left for you is to practice and level it up by use it.. can't see why read scroll will help you level it up faster?.. also level up jutsu is not that hard.. (unless you lack of money for ammo).
  10. Game

    don't know why we talk about exp when the topic is: i share my view for your reply ( increased exp for us to test ), don't make me to repeat my own word over and over again.. "They will add other exp sources soon and then we can talk about exp rate.. " and as for the matter of nerf / bug, a proper post about it as i did for WM will help them a lot to find the right balance! can safe to say topic done..
  11. Game

    sealable scrolls descriptions bug.. sealable scroll I, is for level 1 - 19, on the descriptions of scroll itself it says, 1-10. same for scroll II and III. NOTE: another similar bug i post few weeks ago, \\\///
  12. Game

    agree with @Hecarim about the Ammo. Rory ask me if i want reset scroll few weeks back so i can go int build instead of Str. i reply: "no, i won't play that path with the ammo problem that they face atm.." then he said "oh.. i understand" also, what was so broken about the Explosive Kunai ? as i said like every other mastery by level 20 they should have AOE as well. by level 20, you max out the first jutsu you have.. and at this point everyone have one or two aoe jutsu, unlike fire which every jutsu is aoe. `~-~) *what...* Note: the CD at rank 3 is 12 sec. (not 5 :x)
  13. Mastery: Weapon Master (Int Path)Jutsu: level 10, Explosive Kunai, Rank 3 (max).Effect: at Rank 3, the jutsu fire one projectile without AOE. (the CD, cost and base damage are perfect).Opinion: I think Weapon Mastery is missing AOE in their arsenal for PvE meaning at low levels, even tho there are 2 AOE jutsu for Int path WM (both level 30), they lack jutsu that will carry them to that level 30.WM int path is great for Pvp, but unless there is change, people will take WN int path only as 2nd mastery because as it is atm its waste of time.Conclusion: the last nerfs on Explosive Kunai out of place and like every other mastery by level 20 they should have AOE as well.
  14. Game

    how can u say that, and complain about hard grinding with low exp rate?. in the same breath you say " you guys aren't thinking of the longevity of balance - only what is being put in front of you now. " there is only two sources of exp atm, they will add other exp sources soon and then we can talk about exp rate.. back to matter in hand. no need to boost the exp rate just so we can cost higher level jutsu.. it will be much easier to give detailed feedback about buff or nerf so they can find out a way to balance it by effect/base damage/cd/cost etc... example for my feedback about WM: this is not perfect feedback but now they can see the problem, and get pin-point where and what they should do to fix this..
  15. Game

    one of many reasons why not to increase the exp rate. The exp is on point!. by increase the exp rate, we won't find the right balance for leveling curve of masteries, jutsus, sub paths. they will have to rebalance everything as soon as we bring back down the exp rate.