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  1. Game

    really? you delete what i said? what a fucking JOKE!
  2. i'm in Fullscreen tho.. what do i miss ? :s
  3. where is it?
  4. The hype took control of me.. im bit late with my thanks but don't think for sec i will let this post go by without say thanks. Well done guys.. i saw and follow how much energy time and effort you guys put into the close beta 2.0.. much love! keep it up tho don't push yourself to much.. *Cough* Seth *Cough* thanks for everything
  5. 4k here..
  6. during my close beta it was hell, can't see it get any worst, the only change server can make, is only for the better at this point. at best of times ping was 150. worst of time was at 1k+ (what fps drop i had there ^ .^) worth note, i run any game with 30-45 ping..
  7. EU server had pocket problems that Robin had no time to fix. even tho i'm from EU area i still had lags 99% of that day over 500-900 ping, if US server won't have that problem i might get 150, so it's much better either way
  8. i'm near EU and i still had lags for 23 out of 24 hours of the day, move it to US, or the freaking moon, it can't get any worst then it was.. server pocket was problem..
  9. Art

    yeah, you just save me about 5 min with this ON POINT explanation.. ty. ^~^
  10. Feature

    off this shit, its still the 31 for me, got it.. o .o
  11. Feature

    i have no idea if that's a bad joke or real.. But i don't like it.. if anything do "Kiba Inuzuka" (Ninken) mastery, where you can turn into beast..
  12. umm how is Kur in sand hospital? she was leaf..
  13. @Rory ^ ~^ i love you!, hope you know that.. ** our community is strong and united! ** minor setback in close beta is completely understandable.
  14. just my damn luck.. in the 21th March, i'll leave for few months to Army Reserve duty. (Urban Warfare Training Facilities in the Negev) ohh god!!! i bet i'm gonna miss that as well! also don't worry to much, simple wipe won't stop us from play nin.. Seth recovery should be his high priority.. nin development can be delayed for few weeks / months, its won't kill our community or the game.. so please, take it easy until you recover!
  15. Art

    look fantastic!, hope i get to play this before i leave..