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  1. "空" Sora Clan Hello everyone, I am here to inform you that my newly started clan is recruiting. We are currently a group of 12 ninjas in the sand that wish to see the growth of the Sand with attempts of reviving the village. We have all restarted yesterday and are currently between level 10-17. We are recruiting Mains and Alts that wish to have fun and be apart of our community in game and on Discord. We are missing a well written lore and official clan logo to release. If anyone would like to contribute to that please contact Tobu#8462 on Discord. On the bottom of this thread we have an idea for the logo but it is not official. Requirements: Discord Create a new account or Change your account name to ("Sora ____") Goals: Revive the Sand Become an Official Clan How to Apply: Either post a response to this thread answering the questions below, or you can PM Tobu on Discord (Tobu#8462) Name: Age: Mastery(s): Discord Tag: Goals/Reason for Joining: