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Rob Bailey & The hustle standard 

Battle tested

I'm taking this opportunity to clear this mess out of my head
To clear this blood out of my lungs

I need to dig holes 

To bury the dead

Look at yourself in the mirror
And tell me what man is without pride
Tell me what man is without fire in his eyes
Tell me who the f*** you are

F*** the bottom, I belong in the top

(I got to get up..)

I'm so f*****' sick of everyones' lack of
I'm so sick of everyones' willingness to settle
Why is no one prepared to die
For anything
I don't need a reason (one more time)
I don't need to think about it (one more time)
I'm gonna stand right the f*** here (one more time)
And take this to my f**** chest (one more time)