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Name: Mugen    Age: 19   Rank: Genin

Masteries: wind.gif.72cf29371f75b339f8bed2b13ad47af6.gif

Clan: Tendo

Squad: N/A

Mentors: Lumy, Dona, Shissei

Jobs-Hobbies: Newspaper Editor & Reporter, Artist


Mugen is a ninja from the Sand village, who specializes in Wind style jutsus. He is easily recognizable for his green hair and eyes. He is a member of the Tendo clan. Tendo adopted Mugen when he was first brought into the village from a small village in the land of wind. Currently he is a genin who is aspiring to climb in ranks even further. He spends most of his time training or taking long walks outside the village, often making pit stops to paint pictures of the scenery around him.