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  1. This is really a good idea, If this is possibly implemented though hopefully it would be for all villages.
  2. @Fritzo So how exactly do i heal myself as a medic? Is there a certain justu, or am i not able to?
  3. Damnnn thanks for clearing that up @Fritzo
  4. Whenever i use the technique to try and attempt to heal myself it heals the mob instead, or doesn't heal them at all depending on who i target.
  5. Good Post.
  6. Honestly can't wait to get back into this game
  7. This honestly makes me so excited for closed beta! I can't wait
  8. Sand Village is going to be awesome!
  9. Feature

    Great to see the game progressing at this pace
  10. Art

    This is very nice! Well done Rory.
  11. Is it too late to apply @Seth
  12. @Hisa The caption should be ''Me and my rat''
  13. I think it was worth it :D had some extra pocket change https://gyazo.com/bb424e75c077e4851b5f621fe40caf17

  14. Congrats to everyone that won prizes!
  15. Content

    @Rory Make an amazing content update and then you'll be the GOAT again! (Greatest Of All Time)