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  1. @ReubenNick Can I get this moved to @Discussions thread please @Nassim Sr
  2. Lol... Irony at it's finest. Edit: 10/10 community we got here. FeelsGreatMan
  3. Game

    Diagonal attacks still don't work. Pre Taijutsu master and Post taijutsu mastery.
  4. Game

    Not sure what the gif was for.. All I see you doing is completely missing the mob.
  5. Game

    It was a joke, a meme, no need to take it so serious.
  6. Game

    Step 1>Get 1080ti Step 2>Get i7 5820k Step 3>??? Step 4>no more frame problems??
  7. Game

    Nope was at Leaf side's Spiders
  8. Game

    Fighting spiders, randomly get burns/poison debuff and tick damage while trying to regen HP. @Seth
  9. Game

    Its quite solid when there's a low population on, but once it hits open beta, it'll probably be about open alpha laggy, unless they upgrade the engine (if that's even the piece that is making it laggy) or upgrade servers, but it's come a long ways since alpha, mhm. I hope it isn't or doesn't get worse, but things happen. :]
  10. Game

    Seth changed it a bit ago, anyways, there's a lot of people on the server currently, and I doubt the engine and server could host 100+ people stably. Uhm, open alpha was.. quite.. laggy.. but ya, this game always has about .2/.3 second delay in almost anything you do.
  11. Feature

    Look at your calendar :^)
  12. Game

    No pve server(s). 1 server with current population is equal to.. like 10 players AT MOST during the day. Game is quite dead at the moment while the Dev team is slowing down again. If the community picks up again, like it did in open alpha with 200+ people on, then I purpose a second server, like they did last time. But PvE servers are shitty, as they split the community even more. Take a break and watch a youtube video and go somewhere else, don't continue going to the same mob if he continues to get killed there. There's 3 maps with wolves, 2 with spiders. Gotta think out side the box as to where to level sometimes and just go into sand territory to level. Go to the Hidden village mobs, there a few places where people don't go just because no one goes there, because there's nothing to do over there. If you get killed again, take another break let your wounds wear off and then find another spot. Casters can pretty much level ANYWHERE they want. Taijutsu is a different story and needs a specific build to fight higher level mobs etc, but you'll learn over time. Being killed as a noob in a game you're new to (Being a noob) is an experience, yes you got killed a lot but learn from it and move forward with your knowledge. Let people in this thread, if they are, help you. Learn to fight back instead of just going full burst Caster, build tankier so you can fight back. There's multiple ways to approach your problem. IE: ^ Read above. Edit: I wanted to quote specifically 'Noone enjoys being spam killed' nothing more, rest of his comment is kinda
  13. Game

  14. Game

    Weapon: Reduced chakra costs when casting jutsu from scrolls. (Possible drop that you can get from mobs or something don't have a really good one for this class) Medic: Healing gives small increased stats for the duration of the heal Fire: Applies DoT Damage for 5 seconds (does not stack just refreshes) Water: Reduced Chakra costs for casting spells water Earth: Reduced chakra costs for Casting spells on Earth lightning: Applies muscle spasms for 5 seconds (CC's that prevent you from casting any Jutsu for the duration of the Debuff) Wind: Abilites push targets back 2 tiles while passive is not on cool down Taijutsu: Double up: staggers target for 1 second ( Studders target with first hit allowing for an easier follow up) Just some more ideas that I wanted to add that could be used in the finial product.