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  1. Game

    No pve server(s). 1 server with current population is equal to.. like 10 players AT MOST during the day. Game is quite dead at the moment while the Dev team is slowing down again. If the community picks up again, like it did in open alpha with 200+ people on, then I purpose a second server, like they did last time. But PvE servers are shitty, as they split the community even more. Take a break and watch a youtube video and go somewhere else, don't continue going to the same mob if he continues to get killed there. There's 3 maps with wolves, 2 with spiders. Gotta think out side the box as to where to level sometimes and just go into sand territory to level. Go to the Hidden village mobs, there a few places where people don't go just because no one goes there, because there's nothing to do over there. If you get killed again, take another break let your wounds wear off and then find another spot. Casters can pretty much level ANYWHERE they want. Taijutsu is a different story and needs a specific build to fight higher level mobs etc, but you'll learn over time. Being killed as a noob in a game you're new to (Being a noob) is an experience, yes you got killed a lot but learn from it and move forward with your knowledge. Let people in this thread, if they are, help you. Learn to fight back instead of just going full burst Caster, build tankier so you can fight back. There's multiple ways to approach your problem. IE: ^ Read above. Edit: I wanted to quote specifically 'Noone enjoys being spam killed' nothing more, rest of his comment is kinda
  2. Game

    Weapon: Reduced chakra costs when casting jutsu from scrolls. (Possible drop that you can get from mobs or something don't have a really good one for this class) Medic: Healing gives small increased stats for the duration of the heal Fire: Applies DoT Damage for 5 seconds (does not stack just refreshes) Water: Reduced Chakra costs for casting spells water Earth: Reduced chakra costs for Casting spells on Earth lightning: Applies muscle spasms for 5 seconds (CC's that prevent you from casting any Jutsu for the duration of the Debuff) Wind: Abilites push targets back 2 tiles while passive is not on cool down Taijutsu: Double up: staggers target for 1 second ( Studders target with first hit allowing for an easier follow up) Just some more ideas that I wanted to add that could be used in the finial product.
  3. Game

    Awesome, okay, I get where you're coming from now. I see that you want to take scrolls from Farming and allow WM able to convert them into weapon scrolls. Okay, now Got it. I interrupted it as you wanting to have a scroll that holds multiple weapons, filling them with your bought weapons - not a refillable scroll that can assist in reducing the prices and cost for WM. Buying from a vendor said scrolls to just hold more. Anyways, Loot should be buffed, maybe not price wise but definitely an over all drop rate should be buffed to assist in all aspects in game. As for the scrolls, I think they should be added in a WM Loot table, making it only drop for them. It would be a different scroll rather than a 'blank scroll' used for jutsu. Why? It adds more depth to the game, making another unique item to drop. Like getting a jutsu you only have a chance of obtaining a 'sealable scroll'. As you level your ability to 'seal' should increase, as well as the number of weapons you get in each scroll should increase as well. So you're not at level 1 for example, you get a Weapon Scroll, and then bam, you have 200 shuriken/Kunai etc. It should be maybe 30-50 at the first levels lv5 and every 5 levels you increases the max number of weapons you get each time you seal/get a scroll for weapons. IE: lv1-5: 50 weapons/scroll lv10-15: 60 weapons/scroll Etc. I feel like there should be some sort of draw back, but in terms of balance as stated above -
  4. Game

    Good idea, not worth implementing though. Allow me to explain before witch hunting. I am an Advent supporter of fuuinjutsu all around- it's my favorite thing in the anime, But this game allows your to carry as much as you want with no limits. That being said the addition of scrolls would be rather useless and only needed for the sake of RP/Buying in bulk IE: 10/20 items at a time then you 'unseal' to get them. Cosmetic would be cool as well, a scroll on your back would be a cool exclusive for Weapon masters as well! But those are my opinions and a few things that I wanted to bring to the table.
  5. Game

    Complain? I have not complained at all, did you not read what I typed or just read what you wanted to see? No one in the game is maxed, no one has every jutsu maxed, no one has PvP'd with maxed lv 30/35 jutsus - its still a mystery as to what they do. I mean you can say I'm complaining and continue to chant 'Keep exp how it is!' but things won't get nerfed/buffed/adjusted for a while. /shrug just how it works.
  6. Game

    How are you going to balance things if minimal people put the hours into grinding in such a tedious style. This isn't how you find or fix bugs - ya we found a nice curve for level exp and jutsu exp, but what about all the end tier things - you guys aren't thinking of the longevity of balance - only what is being put in front of you now. Talking about me or Siggi, I haven't complained - only brought up points as to how to balance the game faster and quicker with more input other than 2-3 people who play this game a lot more than others.
  7. Game

    If they wanted to do that, the beta should of been increased exp for us to test- not Release ready exp values.
  8. Game

    In the future how about we (and when I say we, I mostly, and 100% mean the coders) add a right click action that allows you to Duel with out penalty. As of now you can just Flag up for PvP and fight who ever you want in a safe zone (even same Villages) but when you die, you have a debuff for 500 Seconds (8 minutes 20 seconds) which is quite annoying. Now how this would work is that it'd be an instant resurrection instead of having to to go the hospital as well as eliminate the function of Battle Injuries. This would allow fights ranging from 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 and 5v5s as well as everything in between to allow sparring and training your skillset / testing new combos to your hearts desire with out having to wait for a 500 second debuff to clear to fight at full function again to only have to wait another 8 minutes and 20 seconds for it to clear again after your partner dies. It's a simple concept and I could of just said lets add a sparring button but I wanted to elaborate on this idea because I personally would enjoy this feature a lot, and I can assume most of the community would as well.
  9. I'd say remove chakra drain completely or nerf it a bit, 10 chakra / second is quite a bit, not even castors have 300+ chakra most people have 200 on average. That's 20 seconds on the water with out even using a single jutsu. If you remove it completely you'll not only be buffing castors but not needing to tweak or change anything with taijutsu. It would be fair playing grounds for both sides - seeing that you can't even charge your chakra pool while standing on water. Maybe graning a debuff and you're slowed while you're running through water with no chakra is an option as well for all parties. Maybe when its later in development and you start adding smaller things you can add 'water users have half the cost of chakra while casting on water' or something to that extent. But other than that just my few cents from just coming back to the community again:]
  10. Game

    +1 for Melee diagonals, Will also fix Mobs as well
  11. Game

    @Rory @Seth Confirmed bug or not? Will we be seeing a fix for this ?
  12. Oh, you're back :3 ya disappeared for a while lol

    1. Yuko


      Only for a couple months :( , I wasnt gone that long

    2. DarkWhispers


      lol, you just disappeared >:

    3. Niti


      We missed you, whilst you were gone :(

  13. @Akiro For the consumable Buyables <Skill reset> If we buy one PRE Release, will we be reunded that items for the Release of the game, or not. I know all alot of MMOs that have cash shops pre release refund everything for release! Thanks for answering in advanced, I know you said yesterday you were gona ask, but I am just making a note of it on the forums so it can be added on the FAQ if need be, or you forgot! Note: Possibly change it from buying the items to buying a Cash Shop Currency then refunding currency when game is released! ^^ Just a thought.
  14. Noting back a few years, Akira noted in game that it'd be content unlocked at lv70~ Edit: Noting that's what the idea was, not sure they have planned atm.