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  1. Game

    what? when you lag its because of high ping, what??
  2. With only 2 chuunin exams there is really no one to vote for other than a few that fluff their egos with their posse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Feature

    Look at your calendar :^)
  4. Oh, you're back :3 ya disappeared for a while lol

    1. DarkWhispers


      lol, you just disappeared >:

    2. Niti


      We missed you, whilst you were gone :(

  5. @Akiro For the consumable Buyables <Skill reset> If we buy one PRE Release, will we be reunded that items for the Release of the game, or not. I know all alot of MMOs that have cash shops pre release refund everything for release! Thanks for answering in advanced, I know you said yesterday you were gona ask, but I am just making a note of it on the forums so it can be added on the FAQ if need be, or you forgot! Note: Possibly change it from buying the items to buying a Cash Shop Currency then refunding currency when game is released! ^^ Just a thought.
  6. Yo going afk for a bit, I don't think i got any of your things from the trade... i dunno if it even went tthrough

    1. Kirin


      Got yah when your back we will discuss.

  7. You need to go into your TASK MANAGER and END PROCESS on the old LAUNCHER. It bugs when you open the old one, and it runs in background under 'Launcher'. So open task manager, high light a application, and hit ' L ' a few times and when you find 'Launcher' for Nin Online, end it. After you've done that Right click on the NEW .exe you downloaded and RUN AS ADMIN or else you'll have to end process again.
  8. personally just removed the launcher completely and deleted it instead of copying over it, worked fine after placed in. Do note you HAVE to run as admin for it to update. other than that, logged in fine and working currently.
  9. Good Patch notes, looking forwards to finding new bugs! CONFIRMED AGILITY IS FIXED
  10. Art

  11. The Silence is Bliss

  12. Feature

    ^ It pretty much dissipates the Fire and the IMO if you have higher water, the water should overwhelm it and keep going.