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  1. Game

    You can't hit diag while not Taijutsu or Kenjutsu? NANI!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?!??!!??!!?! That should be a basic fucking mechanic took them the longest to fix it so melee could even hit diagonal
  2. Game

    There is no reward for RP currently. Litterally have to be besties with some meh chuunin that you probably don't even like. If you add a rewards system for role plays ( that is more rewarding than grinding) then more people would be RPing to get the better rewards rather then grinding. And bam, you got yourself an RP centered game. People just want the best rewards to hit the cap fastest.
  3. How do you know he logs out, maybe he just disconnects :thinking:
  4. Common sense isn't to common anymore don't cha know!
  5. At least they didn't call you a toxic faggot LUL
  6. Game

    Wait, this wasn't nerfed yet? I thought that's all you had to do was make a forum post about something being 'super crazy op' and it'd get nerfed with in a few hours. Thinking Emoji
  7. All you gotta do is ride the Dev's balls to get what you want nerfed and completely fuck up the class with out it getting looked into and adjusted accordingly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cuz that's exactly what Dona did LMAO Dona cried for nerf and Rory was like "YOU GOT IT DUDE" now I guess it's turned shit tier lul. Nice Memes
  8. With only 2 chuunin exams there is really no one to vote for other than a few that fluff their egos with their posse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Riley
  10. Game

    Seriously? Lul that's quite stupid
  11. Game

    Ah, they don't need anything? Back when I played Wind, you needed shuriken to use the wind shuriken jutsu, has this changed?
  12. Game

    That scaling is wonky- you'd need a specific number, IE: Ninjutsu scales at a 1.268 damage increase per 1 point/ 6.34 per 5 points* But with this you'd want a scaling of about ~0.10 scaling per 1 int point (correct me if I'm wrong I dun math well :^) ) Though if so, that'd be incredibly weak. Even tai has a scaling of 0.474 /Agi point. Str has .634*. Over all though seems good additions/adjustments - anything melee should have 3 tile frontal attack range, Diags + directly in front. Don't know why this wasn't ever a thing as it's crucial, especially with overly rubber bandy servers. Don't want to say to much with anything else other than what I know because I don't play the class nor do I know exact specifics. Anyways- Good luck! Edit: I do feel like medics should have to use senbon just like anyone else who wants to use a throw-able. Subjected to change with time. Not sure if exact numbers are correct here these are based on Closed Beta numbers.^*
  13. Game

    They just need to add different kind of loot, a loot table for each mob, maybe some mobs drops trash loot every time that sells for 1 ryo each but other mobs drop a higher piece of trash loot that sells for 10 ryo each that isn't as common for each level of mob. For example, tigers and white tigers, tigers could have the possibility of dropping regular fur then white tigers drop fur too, but a lower chance a the rare 20 ryo drop of pure white tiger fur. There's just not much of an 'income'/money making method yet as each thing is 100% rng and each is extremely rare. More diverse loot would solve this problem in my opinion
  14. Game

    Use to, now agi is complete trash- I've been meaning to make a post about it, but eh, can't be bothered with it honestly.
  15. @ReubenNick Can I get this moved to @Discussions thread please @Nassim Sr