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  1. Since a few days ago Ive noticed that the drop rates seem to be working funny especially for blank scrolls. I think Blank Scroll drops shouldnt be a "rare" item because for one thing it makes it impossible for new players to get jutsus. For me personally they are not only a source of income, but they are also a way for me to help low level players in my village set themselves up when they have problems getting their most basic offensive jutsus. If there were more items on the drop table that assisted in making an overall income flow for not just low level but also mid and high level players then and only then would it make sense to mess with drop rates. Its just a disrespectful waste on a players time to spend 4 hrs grinding and not getting any blank scroll drops.
  2. I think he might be trolling tbh
  3. What about the fact that the attack is doing 264 dmg? Is that how that jutsu going to be from here on out?
  4. Interesting, I might participate. Sounds like an interesting change of pace
  5. The idea though isnt to limit gameplay for anyone, its to make it less overbearing for everybody as a whole. I mean seriously Noone needs limitless alts. 2-3 slots max would be fine if you are really trying different builds out. Other games seem find ways to live with that. and Again none of this stuff would be an issue if people didnt abuse it as much as they do to ruin the experience for others. Besides theres tons of information out there about different mastery combinations etc. The need to play each and every one isnt always necessary. Im also sure it would lighten the bandwidth load of the server in some ways too. Or better yet heres an idea. Let players buy extra slots on the cash shop!
  6. I can understand from a gameplay perspective why there isnt mastery resets. It would sort of be p2w. Also from a game design perspective it doesnt lock the player into the consequence of their own choice which im more of a believer in. As far as alts go, I think going the way of mmorpgs is the best way to go. I remember when playing Vanilla World of Warcraft back in the day when they forced you to make 1 character per faction on a server. It forced the consequence of choice on the player and kept the server balance so it wasnt overran with alt players, that would have destroyed things like in zone pvp etc. At the beginning of playing this game I thought limitless alts were cool but when I saw how people started using them I changed my mind about that pretty quickly.
  7. Couldnt you automate this task on the character create screen somehow? Ive seen so many mmos that have 2-3 character limits per server(some even limit you 1 character per server). I realize Nin is a very small game comparatively speaking but there must be some way to mitigate this because people are abusing this so much that its become a straight up plague on the game. I mean seriously alt abuse is one of the top 3 plagues on this game right now.
  8. Even if its not the exact way It was originally made at least the logo should fit the clan is all Im really gonna say on the matter. Im not even complaining. The logo is my only gripe with any of this. A migratory group of nomadic families that form a clan wouldnt set it to have butterflies on their logo lol. Besides I thought all of this was about rp to start with.
  9. Huh?
  10. That may be true but I feel that we have a right to ask that the logo doesnt look silly is all.
  11. No it doesnt fit it better if you read the lore it makes more sense to have the bird as the logo. The entire clans history fits into the lore and didnt need to be changed.
  12. Stop being a hater seriously.
  13. The joke of the meme article pic was lost on you. If you actually read it... Also There IS no "power" Thats the part you are missing. Learn to see things in proper perspective and that becomes clear.