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  1. Cool
  2. cool
  3. Light, aido, daj or maybe even claus
  4. @Sam could you make me a sig plz =)
  5. Thats been done already =)
  6. same make me one plz =)
  7. I would say make a kage election system, that runs every 3 months and all those from jounin+ can apply for kage
  8. Ill keep updating so stay tuned guys =)
  9. ^
  10. dream maker is the worst thing to use if you wanna just start pixel art, I would suggest using Ms Paint
  11. <--is still using dream maker atm dont make me get on grapic's gales xD
  12. Great work your getting better^
  13. Rory Dm me and we can discuss something =)
  14. @YamiDragon thanks bro lol you planning on being a gaara on this too?
  15. Hey guys, im sure some of you know who i am, for the others im towa from goa and also a pixel artist had afew projects i was working on myself but lost motivation after afew teammates went mia on me. Ive been creating afew anime characters using base (note in mind it took me like 5mins to create each one) Kakashi Gaara Kabuto and my bros Just adding them as i go xD Spending abit more time trying but only alittle =) Itachi Made my AV Hatake Towa