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  1. Game

    LOL 1.5% chakra? Do you mean 1.5 chakra points? cause that is too little....I'd say it takes 5 chakra points per second. That gives you like 13 seconds default. And that is fair. LOL im sorry but 1.5 chakra points is just too OP and it would let a noob with only 65 chakra points be able to use their armor for like a minute.. Look im just saying the armor realistically would take lots of focus and chakra and so 13 seconds is a fair time in my opinion. I haven't changed my chakra stats and i have 65 chakra points..So thats the default. Now imagine someone with like...super OP armor PLUS this jutsu for more than a minute.. You would defo lose and it would be unfair.
  2. Feel like a star Ahaha awesome! I love it!!! Well edited btw Imma share this on fb x)
  3. Game

    What if masters can seal TB? That'd be cool, right?
  4. Yupp :') Hes a dev. Since many of the other devs have been busy lately it seems hes worked the hardest lately too
  5. Did the alpha postpone?
  6. Art

    Rory that map looks amazing!!! All of it does!! Is it part of the plan to make all of the villages or nah? or has it not been decided yet? Thanks for sharing
  7. wait did i get early access?
  8. Will there be friend requests for the friends list. Or will you be able to just add anyone to ur own friendlist even if they havent added you. In other words..are friends lists common or just personal? Cause in some MMOs when you add someone they will appear on ur friendlist but u wont appear on theirs till they add you o.e
  9. im going to roleplay all my time there. Srsly Reason why i dont like a lot of mmoRPGs is because they dont actually go by the RPG aspect :/ i hope most of u will toooo
  10. Thank god this came out now. Im worried that we're losing members Anyway cant wait! Do u have an specific date in mind Seth? Im so proud of you and the rest of the team
  11. This is mostly for football and track. I need to get in top tier shape and gain muscle in order to compete at camps as well as perform well during Spring Football Thanks for making me an instructor. As for pics, I'll upload some tomorrow. I officially start Saturday, January 5th 2014. My ending date is February 20th 2014 (for the weight). For my 40 Yard Dash, my ending date is May 5th, 2014. FUCK MANNNN. DUDE IM FAT COMPARED TO YOU XDDD Omg ur fit already we're the same ageee btw shit omg duuude ahhh! slow down XD omg im afraid to ask how u look now?! :3 EDIT: nvm just saw...omfg
  13. Honestly i think its better x) since its more detailed and stuff i love it! ur amazing!
  14. LOL does it seem narcissistic that i sang my profile song?

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      I sing mine all the time

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      LOL i mean my former one was actually me singing...LOL