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  1. Feel like a star Ahaha awesome! I love it!!! Well edited btw Imma share this on fb x)
  2. Did the alpha postpone?
  3. Art

    Rory that map looks amazing!!! All of it does!! Is it part of the plan to make all of the villages or nah? or has it not been decided yet? Thanks for sharing
  4. wait did i get early access?
  5. Will there be friend requests for the friends list. Or will you be able to just add anyone to ur own friendlist even if they havent added you. In other words..are friends lists common or just personal? Cause in some MMOs when you add someone they will appear on ur friendlist but u wont appear on theirs till they add you o.e
  6. Thank god this came out now. Im worried that we're losing members Anyway cant wait! Do u have an specific date in mind Seth? Im so proud of you and the rest of the team
  8. LOL does it seem narcissistic that i sang my profile song?

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    2. Takudo
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      I sing mine all the time

    4. Takudo


      LOL i mean my former one was actually me singing...LOL

  9. LOL does it seem narcissistic that i sang my profile songÃ

  10. Im feeling fabulous bubbahh ;)

  11. OMFG! Happy Anniversary!! AAAH Im so jealous of those on the pictures Bwahaha! The game is looking fantastic! Also Rory, the way u even had the will to start at age 12 is amazing o; I mean sure...I wanted to make games at that age but that shizzle was waayyy complicated for me and is even now XD! Very proud of you Also big thumbs up to the team!! o_o Cant wait till the 31st! Also again, Happy Anniversary!
  12. OMG I LOVE THE GIFS SO MUCH!!!! Makes me so excited to get into game! Cant wait till the next alpha test!!! Also i love these improvements! the content is getting so much more and its looking badassssssS!!!! :')
  13. Happy days! ^.~

  14. :( my profile is kinda ruinned
  15. Music

    I love ur work Afilion ^-^
  16. I love ur streams! I keep waiting for them to come up! I rlly hope u plan certain times for streams so we can all schedule it!!!
  17. Ough ikr ._.
  18. Im in 10th grade i think thats 10th year idk :3
  19. School has started

  20. Aww! XD Was that sarcasm? Cause we both know its not true
  21. On an unrelated topic I just noticed the shadows in the environment I like them a lot as well! Especially how they move Anyway! Great Job, Rory and Le team! I really like the direction the game is heading towards!
  22. Nooooooo! Spring break is ending soon!! :(

  23. Art

    Smoke Bomb? Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique Body Flicker Technique Great Water Arm Technique I dont know this one..maybe something stealthy? Great Fireball Technique I really like how active you've been lately x) Not only does it give me more hope in the game, but also something to look at when im bored! Love your art work so much, Rory! Keep up the good stuff