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  1. Art

    Ish so beautiful!
  2. Art

    Is beautiful, Is good to wake up and seeing a magnificent log. Best of luck to all of the Admins,Pixel Artist, and Programmers!! P.S. Is good to see that you're back Rory!
  3. Pop a pixel I'm sweatin woot

  4. Best of luck, how you guys gather all the information needed to help new players.
  5. Thank you, Orcnan. Your Icon Is quite Subarashii It self :o

    1. Feinz


      Credits to Wolf and Kenji. Nonetheless thanks

  6. Tokyo Ghoul!

    1. Feinz


      Nice avatar/sprite

  7. Art

    Is as cool as It should be no need for trails Garu!
  8. Happy 1st Anniversary!
  9. na na Minecraft.

  10. Asura's Wrath best game eva

    1. Satsugai


      That would be Chrono Trigger :D

  11. I'm having a problem, (Iphone) when I open it it loads everything fine until it shows the rocket flying with the name and all but the background is black and I cant start it
  12. Welcome back
  13. Merry Christmas!