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  1. Awesome, looks great
  2. If there ever would be a clan system, I think it should be like only people over certain level should be able to make a new clan and the members of the clan could get some small stat boosts and maybe the longer the clan has existed and the more members the clan has, the bigger the stat boost. Something like that
  3. Yeah, loving this idea
  4. This looks really, really great. Keep up the good work .
  5. Well there should be a way to sense them xD. But it could be a little funny, hehe. But still a must have I think.
  6. @ Yeah, I don't expect it to happen any time soon, I'd rather have more villages and usual stuff like that, but maybe in due time, heh.
  7. I had an idea about combining jutsu. For example, if a person does a water wave or something like that and another players does a lightning style ground jutsu un that water then the whole water area could get electrified thus expanding the range of the jutsu. Or like Jirobo of the Sound four had, the earth prison could be combined with a chakra leach. Another example could be if you yourself know a shadow clone and let's say you have some kind of a lightning current jutsu, you could make a lightning clone that makes that current when destroyed.
  8. @Anadyr Yeah, I don't want cooldowns, and if when chakra reaches 0 means death people would be careful and wouldn't spam jutsu, besides that's what they sometimes do in the anime too, just do a lot of jutsu, but there is always a strategy for how to successfully hit someone with those jutsu. I'd like the game to be about strategy. If there's cooldowns, people would just do every jutsu they know and then run around while the cooldowns end. Well that's what people usually did in every Naruto-based game I've played xD. The need for justu to cost more every time you use it isn't necessary, it would just be such a drag to make that, and would be hard to make it right. So make the game more strategy based too, so it's not always about who has the bigger and better justu, heh.
  9. Yeah, the important things should be kept by the player.
  10. @ Yeah, that would work.
  11. I suggested chakra charge earlier so I to think it's a good idea.
  12. I like the idea, but I think there should be like random ninja that you can fight, and people should also be able to set the amount of ninja they can fight against
  13. @Midvalley_Sensei Thanks . I think that would make the game more interesting and add more strategies and more various ways to fight.
  14. I had an idea about the transformations, I think people should be able to transform into let's say a tree or a rock, stuff like that, it would be cool to use that with an ambush, transforming into people isn't really that useful(yet it should still be in the game). What do you think?
  15. Good to know you guys think so too