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  1. My type of life
  2. Any support in the works yet for us Mac users?

    1. Seth


      Mac will be supported in about a year hopefully. We are going to migrate to a new engine eventually.

    2. Zero Yuuko

      Zero Yuuko

      Awesome ill be ready!

  3. Some day when this is available for mac i will reign supreme!!!!!

  4. yeah i was mistaken if it was her i would have been kinda upset
  5. Wait Yuuko is a moderator already
  6. I wonder if kakashi masks were added to the game

    1. Ueda


      Good idea, that won't take long to do.

  7. Updated my Bio if you have any suggestions i will kindly think of adding them.

    1. Shawn Jones

      Shawn Jones

      Advice: Get a very "eye candy" profile background and music or a song that compliments it.

    2. Ueda


      It feels a little lifeless without a picture of your character. But it feels right, typical loner story though

    3. Zero Yuuko

      Zero Yuuko

      Ok thanks i'm working on making it better

  8. Game

    Forehead Protector as a belt or as an armband
  9. Game

    Slanted FOrehead protecter covers other eye id like it to cover the scrarred side
  10. Haven't even played yet it's always full 😪

  11. I will
  12. Art

    Yes Taijutsus!!!!!!! God Bless You!
  13. I hope i get picked for the 1st test
  14. I actually found you guys indiedb, but i ive heard of you guys earlier idk why I didnt attempt to play before.