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  1. Game

    How about every 5 levels after 10 is a year in age. And after 70 every 5 levels is worth 5 years?
  2. I thought it was funny and it made me think about you all.
  3. My type of life
  4. Melee Over Everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Any support in the works yet for us Mac users?

    1. Seth


      Mac will be supported in about a year hopefully. We are going to migrate to a new engine eventually.

    2. Zero Yuuko

      Zero Yuuko

      Awesome ill be ready!

  6. Some day when this is available for mac i will reign supreme!!!!!

  7. Game

    make numerical values optional or make it a certain jutsu that allows you to see the numerical value of their health. @Rory
  8. You'll never out lazy me @Saku
  9. Game

    I cant play the game but i agree because when i played before i switched to a Mac it was hard to farm wolves. It took like 6 hits to kill a wolf when i have nearly 80 Agi
  10. Village: Konoha VITALS Name & Meaning: (Zeru) Zero Yuuko Zeru = Sky Yuuko = Distant Child Age: 10 Birthday: October 13 Height: 5 feet 1 inch Weight: 124 Pounds Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey Skin Color: Brown Blood Type: O+ PERSONALITY Zero never did fit in with the kids around the village. He always by himself in a corner or walking around looking sad. He usually likes to stay inside and sit in his bed looking at his ceiling thinking about his future and what he can do to obtain his goal. He doesn't pay much attention to his teachers at the Academy and is known for doing things his way. Traits: Lazy, Introvert, Stubborn, and Rebellious Likes: Food, Water, and Funny People Dislikes: Incompetence and people who give up BACKGROUND/HISTORY Raised by a loving mother and strict father. He never thought he could ever impress him due to the fact that he loves to stay to himself. Always in a argument with his father over things he should do to communicate more. Zero never really had a great relationship with anyone since he could speak. He never really had any other talents but running fast so he thought becoming a ninja was his best bet to get out of the village and being alone for once. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Nothing spectacular about Zero except that cut he has on his right eye that he had since he was about four from helping playing with knives. ABILITIES Taijutsu: 4.5/5 Great fighter due to his younger days of rough housing. Ninjutsu: 1/5 Punches and Kicks do more damage Genjutsu: 0/5 Never saw a point for Gen. fooled easily. Intelligence: 2/5 Not to smart, just wanna be alone. Strength: 3/5 Not very strong but strong enough to get by. Speed: 4/5 Very fast can outrun almost anyone. Stamina: 3/5 Can run a long time. Hand Seals: 0.5 Has very little knowledge on what those may be.
  11. Im waiting on an update on taijutsus. For almost a year now *Yawns*
  12. Welcome to the Community may the chakra be with you
  13. Hello Shikate, i hope you enjoy your time here at nin online.
  14. yeah i was mistaken if it was her i would have been kinda upset
  15. Wait Yuuko is a moderator already