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  1. then idk man, maybe one of the devs can answer your questions soon.
  2. I thought that happened because your jutsu missed the target. sometimes when you do hand to hand combat the wolf/snake/target will dodge your attack. I think this also applies to the Projectile Jutsu
  3. Someone put up a guide for all the elements ,and some stuff on the type of builds you can go for. If you need any help u can also ask me I'm willing to help
  4. If we are a taijustsu user and we equip a sword does the attack decrease because we are using a weapon or help when attacking? Just wanting to know if I should get a sword to help attacking or not.
  5. Game

    Are they going to put a server status bar up so people can tell when server is down?
  6. Yeeh haaa!
  7. Penis
  8. well what if there is a lvl 10 versus a lvl 20 but they were both Genin? I think the tournamnets should be aware of ranks, and lvls. i think this is what @Gledis was thinking.
  9. I agree that there should be some seperation between new vs old, but if a tournament were to happen i think there would be leagues that lvled players can joiin, such as lvl 5-8 players going against each other in a tournament. Not everyone can take down a level 10 with only lvl 3 jutsu, so there will have to be some consideration on how the tournaments would be run, and who will fight who.
  10. I think thats a great idea. You should also have personal bet games. For example, if one player wants to fight another they both agree on a stack and then whoever wins get the money plus a 10% share to the ref for refing the match.
  11. Game

    what if you started oof only able to swim ,a and had to learn the walk on water jutsu?
  12. Game

    what i found annoying/funny is Kiaser would kill me, then revive me , just to kill me again. he would end up reviving me , and id run away.
  13. akoosh

    From the album Party

  14. wh dont you add the jutsu to the techniques that rory has posteed in the family and friens thread. it up to you but it can atleast a dd some more stuff to it.