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  1. Ok, i will keep that in consideration because I would love to help the game thanks!
  2. Thanks for the feed back Man
  3. Hi, its me again, and i was thinking about getting the gold membership sometime next week when i have money. but i was wondering if it was worth getting right now. So my question is to all you people is if I should get it sometime next week, or if i should wait a while longer.
  4. im back im think im going to buy the gold membership later on and i wanted your guys opinon if i should? so should I?
  5. thanks for the welcome Kratos!
  6. thanks for the welcome shawn jones that animation is cool
  7. Hi Blany!!
  8. i will take your advice shinji. thanks for the heads up!
  9. Hi my name is obito i am new my friend HypnoMan introduced me to this game i hope to play soon.