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  1. How are you gonna tell me what I implied? Smh you one of those... I'm off it lol
  2. You also don't have to drink at a bar and did I not say "or something"? Did I state that no one had a life? Hop off the tip and share a laugh bud
  3. I'd recommend a bar or something... Some of you need to get out of the house.
  4. I wasn't recently "pardoned" I never went missing in the first place smh. Guess it'll clear itself up. Lies won't get anyone anywhere, the truth always come to light. Man Out *peace*
  5. Must've been a bug or something I was standing at village sq for 2 days. This rumor gotta go Actually I don't think it was a bug or something. You just trippin
  6. Huh? Must be a different Man O_O. This is Leaf gang or don't bang xD
  7. Thanks to everyone who is participating but unfortunately majority of these votes are invalid. Could you guys please read the rules
  8. Guys you can't vote for multiple people :/ but I appreciate the love i vote man
  9. What y'all sandies smoking, sand crack? As soon as I step into Sand a bunch of half ass sand shinobi try to attack. Which by the way they she should be ashamed of cause they wouldn't even land a hit if it weren't for rubberbanding lol To be fair though it's only the nub sandies... y'all need to put them on a leash. The real ones know me, much love
  10. I'm back and I'm better

    1. Dairuto


      welcome back man!

  11. Art

    New tai and is that water replacement!?! Looks amazing
  12. Kumo gang or don't bang!  ;D︻╦╤─ ---

  13. @Hisa that's all you right there.
  14. how did you get that reputation up


    1. Man


      I've been around for awhile now. It's a lot easier to get rep now than it was then though just say stuff people like haha

    2. Rhalix


      well then thats easy enough


    3. Saku


      @RhalixI mean, you just have to make good Posts. Dunno why that is apparently easier now... o -o

  15. Thank you Based God!