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Name: Dodai (joseki, Datsuji)

Rank: Genin

Clan: Sashiba

Ranks Sand achieved

ADV council (dyan kazekage)

Council (Slaughter kazekage)

SMPF (tetsuhawks kazekage, tresmorne kazekage, Dyan kazekage, Slaughter kazekage)

Sand Anbu (Itama kazekage)

organization: Pirates


@Yuma (earth Style)

@Dyan (combat strategy)

@Dr Haru (survive, investigate, hunt and fight)


@Nighma     @Raikuzu    @Ryozo     @Kayn  @Jamon  @Flan  @Bakugeki

@Theon     @Toshiio   @Kuraen Arubaro  @Dread Senpou  @Roku Iron Fang


My story


Chapter 1

My story in sand begins when I met @Dr Haru , he introduced me to sand and taught me everything I needed to know. he introduced me to people in sand to cover my back, and start having friends ...

After a long time in Sand, I met the great @TetsuHawk, he welcomed me as if he were his own blood. Since then I was loyal to Tetsuhawks because I saw that he was one of the most honest people in this game. when he became a kazekage, i was very happy and to be honest he was one of the best kazekage of sand. At that time I joined the Hozuki clan led by @alba hozuki. for me being hozuki was one of the best adventures along with @Nomady Hozuki, @Kiwasame, Hideo, @MrChubb, @Steezo etc ...

With my Clan Hozuki I started to do hunts and they taught me combat tactics and it was all my fun, but one day the clan started to be very inactive .. the clan people were just playing because of boredom or because they had things in life real ... to try not to demotivate me I joined SMPF an organization that was just created and was commanded by @Booty Gang Pinku.

then I decided to leave Hozuki for inactivity and join the Sashiba clan together with Tetsuhawks (leader), @Dyan, @Itama Date, @Deviax etc...
@Tresmorne Oleander soon took the position of Kage ...

Chapter 2

In this chapter I was already a level 30-40 shinobi, with good tactical training thanks to the training of dyan and haru, but I still knew that I had to master my earth-style techniques. I decided to introduce myself to the best earth-style user of the entire sand village: @Yuma.
From there I began to train every day with my style of land together with Yuma, I started to get stronger.
by making me stronger, dyan wanted to prepare me to enter S.A. and I started teaching espionage tactics to get any kind of information. He began to send secret missions to our town, and I began to spy on everyone who was my mission.
Yoru then came to our village a group of assassins very highly qualified for combat, but at the same time arrogant with such power that they carried in them, and the people of the village began to prefer the power of an organization than the power of a village and we started to lose people in our battlefield and yoru started to be more powerful ... we met the big ninjas of the village to create a secret plan of espionage and remove all the bad things that they did and we did ... all in the shadows of sand. Suddenly Tresmorne our Kazekage left his post and all sand fell in despair because a great kazekage left his post the bad thing was to witness that he left us in the middle of war and left with the enemy leaf...
Chapter 3


My Friends