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  1. where u


  2. Fair enough, I just don't want to see too much invested into the server part if only 20 active people are on most of the time. I bet it'll grow quickly during BETA, though, so I have no doubt that you'll be looking to upgrade after that.
  3. Game

    Yes, of course, that's reasonable. I think it's a great idea, will definitely remove some clutter
  4. Game

    He means like this @Seth. When you click the item, you're prompted with the color: Interface/chatcolortoggle.png (something like this, can't post images for some reason)
  5. Game

    Technically all clothing in the game is cosmetic, there really isn't any gear. A lot of the more story-based items are what you have to pay for.
  6. Secrets honestly make games like this a lot more interesting. Keep up the hard work.
  7. I'm sure it will, but I recommend just saving your money and just leaving it one for now. You guys can always buy another one at the drop of hat, just put the amount you need to the side for when that time comes. Until it does grow, I don't see a big point. I don't really experience any lag, even back when the servers were kinda full. I know there are some laggy times, but I don't think it has a whole lot to do cause there's too many people. If that's the case I'm sure you could just upgrade too. I honestly just don't see the point for now y'know.
  8. I'd love to join, this is very organized. Check your PMs!
  9. Feature

    Welp. Actively, that's enough to ignore everyone in Closed BETA :3 yay for introverted happiness
  10. Very reasonable! I do think they promote it on a few other indie development sites, so I think they should be good. I bet it was just a friendly reminder
  11. Maybe someday I'll do a face reveal I'll keep you updated.
  12. I did remove my OC, so the staff can use it for a new GM or someone or just a piece of art for nin.
  13. I think we should stick with the Snake server, it's fine. Until there's a bigger need, there won't be a good turnout on either server. Just get as many people on one for now.
  14. Hello, (I feel better posting this now that Akiro is re-hired ) If you are wondering, I have resigned from the Nin Online Game Master position, as I am moving on to a better position for another place. This opportunity will help me improve my skill and equip me with the ability to work in such positions in the future. I want to thank all the friends I have made. I will continue to play Nin Online, for this game, this is not the end for me. I have always enjoyed the game very much, and I will continue to play it. So do not worry, I am not leaving, I just simply needed to take an opportunity. With best regards, Yuko
  15. Feature

    If it helps, I won't block you