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  1. the most responsible adult in your living room

  2. Game

  3. Game

    wants to be pirate king, but also wants to become a ninja prime minister
  4. Game

    I feel like Dona may be the new Donald Trump
  5. Game

    that feeling when you vote no and yet you still feel like the dictatorship will take over and then he will kill everybody Feels good
  6. When they keep killing me
  7. When someone random player kills me
  8. Simon vs Anti-Spirals Ryuko and Satsuki vs Ragyo Sora and Shiro vs Jibril (fight starts at 9:27, actually gets interesting at 13:10. Couldn't find a video, sorry)
  9. sorry for the long wait, I found it a bit boring as it was slow paced and it covered things I already knew, the only part that I ACTUALLY liked about it, was seeing Fugaku have his Mangekyo Sharingan
  10. I found it a bit boring
  11. You know we all love you man
  12. Community reputation 1. ain't nobody got time fo dat

  13. glad it's on the week end
  14. I think I got hacked @Tesco

  15. welcome back! This is getting too repetitive