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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you are leaving the team, I hope all the best in the future for yourself
  2. I might be blind, but what's the difference?
  3. Alright, rory has stated he'll change it and now that it's getting out of hand i'm locking this thread.
  4. Anyway, think this has went on long enough.
  5. Locked due to request of author.
  6. Random boss/dungeon encounters i made up randomly in 2017, these weren't actually designed for ninonline in it's current state but could've been easily done. these might get taken down thinking about it whoosp easy training/story dungeon SOLOABLE - STORY ONLY BY FOXBOI [Area 1] LIES I TELL THEE! [Mechanic] Introduction to hidden switches or paths Lots of different switches most will do something, but won’t always lead to the right thing. [Description] The instructor will talk about hidden paths or hidden object that aren’t always easily visible, players will have to find their way out by using a combination of these objects to escape [Notes] Players will spawn into a room that seems like a small 4x4 box but with hidden switches on the floor and on the walls and some switches will open up parts of the map but will also close off others and you’ll need the right combination of switches and entrances in order to reach the exit. [Area 2] RATS, RATS, RATS!!!!!!!!! [Mechanic] Introduction to mechanics Players will have to evade mechanics and not die until the very end in order to pass this section [Description] The instructor will talk about mechanics and what can be expected in the fight, players will have to use their wits and think fast to use the previously gained knowledge to survive [Notes] Players will have justus and other random things thrown at them in a random way and players will have to react to it in time Arena will be 4 rows on top and bottom separated by a impassable chasm and players will have to avoid stuff [Area 3] Close but no Cigar! [Mechanic] Introduction to boss fights Boss will be easy. Will design the actual fight later [Description] Instructor will tell the students to defeat this jonin ninja or to survive until the end. [Area 4] THERE BE GOLD IN THAT TRUCK THERE!!!!! [Mechanic] Introduction to loot rooms and how they work Loot rooms will have 4 paths which the ninjas will have to break down within the time limit granted and when a ninja enters a room the path will close behind him so only one ninja can enter a loot room one with each having 1 chest each Only exists so all members get a share of the loot and not one since mobs drops are weird. [Description] Instructor will explain how the loot room works and will start a timer for the player(s) to win [Notes] Self explanatory SOLOABLE - STORY ONLY and a random little bit of fun xD Each of the major dungeons/raids that include story based mechanics will be divided into two parts Story and Ultimate. Story mode will be a weaker version accommodated to lower levels which will have limited rewards. Ultimate Mode will be recommended level 50 but any level can attempt it and will require a full party, rewards here will be rare items. (Ultimate) The Unending Cycle: Part I [By: FoxBoi] The Hidden Ninshu Temple [Area 1] Trial of Unity [Mechanic] Survive and Destroy enemy totems [Description] Players will spawn here in a circle or hexi area with gates that lead to 8 poison containers. Enemy mobs will spawn in waves getting bigger over time after each wave, players must kill all mobs and totems before the poison DoTs end up killing the players. [Notes] Players will have to split up into teams of who fights the mobs and who has to deal with the poison containers. This phase will mostly require a medic in the party to be completed efficiently Once cleared the party will have 15 seconds to evacuate the room/zone or the party will be wiped from falling debris [Area 2] Trial by Fire [Mechanic] First major boss of this area Teleports arounds and lights tiles for fireballs to hit and destroys the platform for the players Arena will be a 6x6 tile system with icons on the ground with different meanings Boss will mostly use fire style based attacks with CC based AOEs Outgoing damage will be high so healers will be required also. [Description] The trial by fire arena is a 6x6 tile arena with the top right, left middle and bottom right being marked with a Flaming sword, Top Right and bottom left will be marked with a fire shield, and the remainder by a Black Crystal Players will have to use long and close range attacks in order to bring the boss's health down to zero before the mechanics which will be expanded upon tomorrow or so, end up destroying all of the arenas or wiping the players. Story Mode will have limited mechanics in order to not stress players out too much. [Mechanics expanded] boss will do a room wide AOE with a chance of applying 3 debuffs, Attack Down, Defence Down or Voids grip Players have to step on the corresponding icon opposite to what buff you have, Defence down have to stand on the sword and attack down need to stand on the Shield, Players with voids grip will take a Damage hit on every Black Crystal tile which detects movement (raid wide) Every 2 minutes a random title will be destroyed Firestorm will be charged for 5 seconds then send fireballs and fire tornados in certain directions (possibly 2-3 spells to dictate direction/type) [BOSS] The Flame of Truth [Ability 1] Firestorm [Ability 2] Sword of Fire [Ability 3] Maelstrom of Truth (ultimate, tile destroyer)
  7. Gonna add this on until i find the finished document "Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice, it is a fallacy." Benito Mussolini Dear Ninja, Today I shall talk about the overhauled Democratic system that'll be implemented in order to create a system that not just will work alongside the war system but also improve the RP and roles of everyone involved in the higher levels. I shall be explaining the new roles and systems for the following roles. Hokage, Council Members, ANBU, Leaf Military Police Force, and the voting procedures. So let's get started. Hokage. Not much is actually changing for the Hokage but I'll list them in keywords. Hokage is voted in by the Leaf council. The Hokage is able to veto any vote by the council. In a Skirmish phase of the war, the Hokage can replace non-voted members of the council. (will cause discontent) In the war phase with council support, the Hokage can be made a dictator and can now bypass all council votes. Council Members So this is where I will start to talk about the nitty and gritty parts of the leaf council and how they shall work from this day forth. So the power of the council is never actually enforced. nor is there a proper set of instructions nor mechanics or systems to give council members a unique role within the village. So firstly I'll explain about the Voted council. Each voted council member when they take office after a successful election into the council seat will be able to take on a select role within the council these ranks are as follows War Minister - Gathers all of the evidence collected by the leaf forces and organises them into the separate kinds which were explained in the previous dev diary. and then finalises them with the Hokage. They will also act as the second in command of the leaf forces if the Hokage is missing or KIA. Strategy Minister - Will work alongside the war minister during the skirmish and war phases in order to create the evidence with the forces they have available to them. and will create the strategy that'll be used in the war event. Domestic Minister - Will be in charge of the internal dealings such as the Leaf Military Police force and will keep the chief in check and the possibility of expanding the Internal Organisations inside the leaf village. such as a medical force. Diplomatic Minister - Will go into the diplomatic talks alongside the Hokage and will represent the views of the council inside the peace talks during either the peace phase or the peace talks after the war phase. Each of the voted council members will take charge of one of these seats and be the important members of the council. Non-Voted council members. now onto the Non-Voted council members. These council members will be picked from the top 3 biggest organisations in the leaf village which will each send a member of their org to spend 1 month in the council and act as advisors and only as advisors. but will be able to vote on issues and run things through. and finally one seat for the GM in charge of the village who'll oversee. These 4 seats will essentially be populists who'll aim to disrupt the Council and the Hokage Default Laws. Term limits and lengths. Council votes and the discontent status. Unique options for the discontent Council Expanded ANBU roles and powers. Expanded Police roles and powers.
  8. * Editors note * This is a disconintued project of myself when i was working on adding events and creations that would create and intergrate a RP system in the political and geographic landscape of the ninonline world, please be aware that the aim of releasing these documents/ideas was to faciliate the creation and minset of the playerbase in order to allow players and myself to let our creative freedoms run wild Please also note that is was designed around the revamped political system which will follow laters and there will be things that you may not understand but it woud make sense when you have the entire thing in front of you. "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories." Sun Tzu Dear Ninja, So this little dev diary is all about the war system that I shall be implementing into Nin Online within the next month or so. So here it is the war system. So since the release of the Sand village, I've been incredibly disappointed by both how the PVP and RP systems are completely disjointed from each other. Wars don't feel like wars and there's never any consequences or rewards of going to war or being at peace with the other villages. I aim to change this and I shall explain the core idea's below which will co-exist with the bigger picture. So let us begin. The War Tracker. On the forums and in the MOTD within your current villages will be the war tracker. This will be expanded upon later down the line. but onto the meat of it. So there will be three possible phases, Peace, Skirmish, and War. Each having their own restrictions on what is allowed, which will be overseen by the village Kages and councils. Peace Peace will be the most Restrictive for obvious reasons. Village raids will be prohibited under international law. leading to exiles until the end of the war phase Open world PVP is forbidden and will lead to jail time or exile from the village. ANBU forces (must be in uniform/hidden) are at full capability in open world PVP but unable to raid villages. ANBU forces are required to be in uniform outside of their villages. Police forces have full powers and abilities. Police forces MUST wear the uniform at ALL times. EVERYWHERE. Kages will be restricted by their unique rules in their own threads. Peace will be broken when enough infractions are leading to village politics becoming heated. and when the cooldown safe timer has expired. this will also be enforced after a successful village war. Skirmish (default) the skirmish phase will be the default phase for the majority of the game time and will be the defacto phase. in Skirmish the following actions are restricted. Village Raids will only be done by specialised (Limited) teams declared by the kage and approved by GMs. Open World PVP is no longer restricted and no punishments will be achieved by this. ANBU forces in Uniform are still enforced at all times outside of the village. ANBU forces will take over for the investigation and dealings of acts of war crimes Police forces are restricted to non-war crimes and offences. Kages can now implement their special political decision. (see PT II and III) Kages can now go into diplomatic talks. Police Forces can only wear their uniform inside the village and must remove it outside. The Skirmish phase will last until the final straw is declared by one of the two Kages which will report to a GM and if found a valid casis belli War When all other options have been exhausted and there's no going back for one side or the other and a valid Casus belli is found war will break loose. in war, the following rules apply. Village raids can be done by anyone and will reward Merit Points. Open world PVP will start to award Merit Ponts. Restrictions on ANBU forces are lifted. Police Forces will now turn into a regular military unit. Kages can now start implementing a full crackdown and exiles are no longer required to be reported to GM The war phase will end after a big war event takes places and the diplomatic talks start. and will normally revert to a skirmish phase unless a peace phase is enforced by a side. and that concludes the war tracker and phases. Merit System. So the purpose and point of the merit system and points is to determine the balance of power in the war that is currently being waged, Merit points can only be earned during the war phase and will be used in the war event and the peace talks after it. Merit points can be earned by. Killing the enemy kage Killing a member of the enemy ANBU squad Killing Jonin and Chunin ranked Ninja Collecting Bounties. Successfully raiding the enemy village and occupying it for 5 minutes then 10 minutes and finally 15 minutes. Defending your village against an enemy raid. You can claim these points by taking a screenshot of the chat log when you kill someone of said rank and send them to your kage/war minister and they will send them to the GM in charge of the event to collect and find out how many Merit points they have earned for the war. *NOTE rory has implamented a system programmed wise that will now facilitate this if allowed to edit the paramaters" War Event. So once all hell has raised and the dogs of war have been let loose on the land things will change for the worse or better depending on your factions. limits will be lifted across the board and open warfare will begin. at the start, this phase will act differently from the end when we've fully developed it with the help of the community. So how does the war event work? simple. Within a relative time frame from when the Kages declare war on each other. the GMs will contact both of the Kages and find a good time for everyone to host a war event. which then we'll be using any of the war maps that nin will have and decide on the locations. Kages and the council will then be responsible for the management of their forces, depending on the number of merit points each side will accumulate different restrictions and manpower will be available to the Kage. but that'll be more expanded upon in the future when the first official war event starts. but the objective of the event is to either slaughter the members and reinforcements of the entire faction or destroy all of the bases on the field flying the enemies colours. how merit points integrate. So during the war phase, the factions of the world will gain merit points which will have two major functions. To serve as a currency when building and using war assets (alongside Ryo) to serve as a currency when demanding war treaties at the peace table (winners only) To serve as a guarentee to block the enemy from forcing certain treaties (losers only) Now, these prices will remain hidden until later on in the war before the official war event starts to ramp up and go into full swing. but some of the examples will be buy respawn and reinforcement tokens. buy and use the services of missing ninja's and more to be announced after the fight settles it can also be used for the peace talks which adds a layer of strategy for the Kages on how much they spend to win and how much they spend in order to do certain actions. such actions can be Enforce a period of peace for X set days. be forced to lower the amount of ANBU or Police Forces can be used Determine which lands are noted as leaf or sand. Force the council to be reshuffled. Force the kage to disband the council completely. force the kage to abdicate. Some of these peace treaty things such as forcing a kage to abdicate will be an extremely expensive and rare occasion but possible. conclusion The reason why I'm announcing this system so early is that I want you guys to be able to place your voice and input in here to improve the system that will essentially be one of the core features of the game. so please go *here* (insert link) and make your opinions be noted. Thank you all and see you on the battlefield
  9. Mission accomplished.
  10. Didn't I personally lead the massacre of the Himitsu clan back then by removing their leader for breaking almost every rule in the game xD Anyway, welcome back and good luck, try not to follow the same mistakes of leebz*?
  11. Interesting concepts. although as it does sound believable in canon we sadly still don't know much outside of fillers arc which confirmed a powerful Mangekyo. Still would've loved to seen a leaf village under the Uchiha clan and how it would've went differently, gonna have to start researching this properly.
  12. Wait is she actually 23 or 22 then :thonking: Don't know why i care 23 or 22 is still legal \o/
  13. Nice to finally see alot of these styles that i comissioned by fer become avalible to the public
  14. Welcome to the reason why a lot of people went sand, Although personally i do think that only Chunins should be allowed to run.
  15. fire is buffed by 10000x (just visual)