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  1. Gotta agree with Joseki, seems like it's more of a population issue.
  2. We on purposely don't give out dates or days because we're well known for never actually achieving said date. It comes when it's ready. Most of us have lives which take over most of our time so it's extremely east for sidetracks to happen.
  3. in your root nin directory the file often C:\Program Files (x86)\Nin Online\bin Delete the file d3d8.dll and d3d8vb.dll and run the game using the client.exe rather than the launcher.
  4. I don't think that promoting more leafs should be the solution, a system in which sand doesn't get free passes also work
  5. Or you could PM any GM and we can sort it out for you =P
  6. Didn't I personally lead the massacre of the Himitsu clan back then by removing their leader for breaking almost every rule in the game xD Anyway, welcome back and good luck, try not to follow the same mistakes of leebz*?
  7. I think people's anger at this situation and "bug/exploit" needs to be directed at Seth rather than anyone else in this game. If the programming or system has a hole in it I honestly can't blame people for using it to their advantage. Just as spamming chokepoints like the sand entrance or other 1-2 tile wide bridges with traps or AOE based justu. You guys will need to take that up with Seth himself and ask for a better system which doesn't have such flaws as this.
  8. Only if Sezu wants to continue it.
  9. As I said, player clans will be migrated over to the organisation system, if you guys want to continue making it a family RP thing then so be it. We've stated this since the beginning of time, players ignoring our warnings doesn't indicate that we should change what the development team has had planned for years upon years. and the problem with turning player clans into official clans is that it would be wildly unfair. who gets to decide who gets their clans implemented or not, it's either all or none and in this case, none is the better option. not to mention most player clans don't have the numbers to even warrant creating unique rules and justu's for. And on top of that, who gets to choose what justu's are made? The player who is the leader or Rory, who gets to choose the balance, the playstyle, the mastery, etc etc
  10. Clans will be officially made by Rory and thus the existing clans will probably be migrated into orgs. An organisation chat is still a thing that I'd support
  11. fixed Welcome anyway xD
  12. a proper war system is currently being designed with trials of them coming in the next few weeks. and if trials are successful then it'll have unique benefits and disadvantages. among other systems and things being placed and overhauled. Although the systems will be longer term than a few hours with multiple phases and battles. all depending on how players and the leaders choose to act
  13. PM Rory/Ueda or Seth on the forums and they'll sort it out for you
  14. Okay, so a big one Firstly handing these out to kages can be easily abused by the kage in set situations in which they decide they would rather keep them all or hand them unfairly out to people they like and exclude those they don't. we're already seeing instances of similar acts. Secondly, if kages or village councils do host events if they come to me with the information and what it's about I can set up ways for event tokens to be rewards as @Ishyn Sasayaki or @Atrane have both been getting them for their leaf village events. Although I never have gotten any event request nor see any events taking place in the sand for them to receive the same benefits. missings are different and are treated on an individual basis on if we'll hand out tokens for them. Speak to your kage about hosting events and tell them to speak to us if they wish for event tokens to be on the reward list (they won't be the only rewards ever).
  15. Press the support hyperlink/blue button