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  1. Game

    Anyone is able to wear most of leafs chunin items due to not having a specific rank/village. I tried it with pan but then deleted the item right after just to test it. Equip the item then make sure you have a full invo then trying to take off the item allows it to drop on the ground instead for others to use.
  2. Game

    mb people keep telling me different things >>'
  3. Game

    4s stun is still to long for a long range attack with 1s cast time and with cursed seal thats gg. cutter at least charges for 2s and has a self stun.
  4. Game

    You can sub cutter now. But using sub or not doesnt change the fact that doing 1 stun should be able to deal 800+ damage with combos
  5. Game

    4 Seconds of a stun is way to long. Even with 1s cast time and a long range. Its broken af.
  6. Game

    Its 1 second cast time and had as a large range with what seems like a 3 second stun thats takes away more than half my health i have over 1k a stun shouldnt be taking away this much health
  7. Oneesan~ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) 
    1. KiwiiKat


      My cute girl! ^//o//^ <3

  8. Dont need good builds to make ryo O:
  9. lmao another topic about art, this is the best one! But really you shouldn't make topics about other players like this its disrespectful.
  10. 30k was never expensive i could easily make that with any builds i did. 5k is asking for low levels to join not that i dont mind. more the better
  11. Only 15k to enter? Thats to low
  12. Game

    The bears are spawning on the top left of the map where players cant reach.
  13. If you decide to go as a missing ninja you're unable to complete the mission "Academy Scrolls" because when you try to enter the building/academy where you're sensei is located you get a message saying "This map is only accessible to Leaf Ninjas." (missing leaf ninja)
  14. Game

    HAHA you know what you're right
  15. Is it possible to bring back shadow shuriken with no tools cost ? its nearly impossible to level/farm as int mastery since everything uses tools. last time i checked triple tags even uses three tags for one usage. As a medic user i only need 1 senbon to use poison senbon tech. That alone was somewhat rough to use/farm with at a low level 20 and below but was very doable!.. Its rather difficult being a int wm where literally EVERYTHING needs tools. If we could at least have shadow shuriken go back to not having any tools cost that would be very helpful indeed!! Or am i not suppose to play as int weapon mastery for my first mastery ? <- not trying to sound rude with that question i actually want to know if you're suppose to pick this for second mastery