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  1. Wind mask doesn't need a nerf its suppose to be for str path, You wouldn't be doing that much damage with str path since a couple of jutsus self stun you. I agree with Ryouta they should make the str higher or instead make it for advance wind str.
  2. I really like the smaller version of Gunbai !
  3. Game

    Im still getting this mission at level 43 and the patch notes says between 20 - 30 Other than that it works now
  4. Game

    This last part when you're suppose to turn in the scroll to the Daimyo doesnt do anything for missing ninjas. EDIT: Also in the patch notes it says between levels 20 - 30 but i got it at level 37
  5. im not gonna read all of that but i dont need to read it to know its an amazing guide good job!
  6. Game

    i miss the old /wave
  7. Game

    They should get rid of DOT counting as pvp its annoying getting hit by pve dot and not being able to leave the map lol. Edit: Or change the pve dot not counting as pvp.
  8. profile stalker!!!

  9. Game

    Nerf water prison please the range and stun duration is to long.
  10. Game

    what you mean im just reporting a bug
  11. Game

    level 40 Tause stuck on left side of snow map
  12. Game

    mb people keep telling me different things >>'
  13. Game

    4s stun is still to long for a long range attack with 1s cast time and with cursed seal thats gg. cutter at least charges for 2s and has a self stun.
  14. Game

    You can sub cutter now. But using sub or not doesnt change the fact that doing 1 stun should be able to deal 800+ damage with combos