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  1. Art

    Looking good~ i am curious about " Fan Users " :3
  2. iv been using this jutsu for 3 days attacking hundreds of mobs with it and its not leveling....or is it max ?
  3. lmao (love this ep)
  4. ill try to make this, i just like to sleep in during the weekends
  5. medics while farming....
  6. Hope you have fun in japan :3 Nice to meet you too ^^
  7. what lies Its a good idea, it helps out the people who are busy irl
  8. sounds like pokemon planet
  9. you pull
  10. I adore this
  11. Add me on pokemon planet ...username ---> Misty
  12. I think the starters get more dumb looking.
  13. Website

    i mean a friend is trying to pm me but is being sent to others "kur" is not hard to enter as a full name
  14. Someone just told me that PM that are suppose to be sent to me are being sent to others. On website.
  15. Game

    I don't think they would ask questions from 2013 since things have changed, That would be dumb.