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  1. Wind mask doesn't need a nerf its suppose to be for str path, You wouldn't be doing that much damage with str path since a couple of jutsus self stun you. I agree with Ryouta they should make the str higher or instead make it for advance wind str.
  2. I really like the smaller version of Gunbai !
  3. Game

    Im still getting this mission at level 43 and the patch notes says between 20 - 30 Other than that it works now
  4. Game

    This last part when you're suppose to turn in the scroll to the Daimyo doesnt do anything for missing ninjas. EDIT: Also in the patch notes it says between levels 20 - 30 but i got it at level 37
  5. im not gonna read all of that but i dont need to read it to know its an amazing guide good job!
  6. Game

    i miss the old /wave
  7. Game

    They should get rid of DOT counting as pvp its annoying getting hit by pve dot and not being able to leave the map lol. Edit: Or change the pve dot not counting as pvp.
  8. profile stalker!!!

  9. Oneesan~ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) 
    1. KiwiiKat


      My cute girl! ^//o//^ <3

  10. Dont need good builds to make ryo O:
  11. 30k was never expensive i could easily make that with any builds i did. 5k is asking for low levels to join not that i dont mind. more the better
  12. Only 15k to enter? Thats to low
  13. Art

    Looking good~ i am curious about " Fan Users " :3
  14. ill try to make this, i just like to sleep in during the weekends