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  1. I bought mine during the gold headband period too, and had it during the beta's. I just checked the Cash Shop but its not there for me either.
  2. Art

    Ou that puppet master looks op
  3. Squad coming thruu eh
  4. Do I have to download a the new Ninonline Launcher or just will the old one just update?
  5. Eat, Sleep, Shift, Repeat

  6. Patiently waiting for the next dev log to get me some more tingles down there
  7. I was just getting use to the old one haha, this ones more modern doe
  8. Shiseki, but Im pretty sure we can come up with something better.
  9. Art

    Jeez got moist looking at those previews
  10. Art

    Great progress. Love the graphics and the detail in the game
  11. I like the server selection idea, make the last 3 other animals. Like a crow or a fox, snail, dog etc
  12. All Silver and Gold members get Early access, @Seth
  13. Open Alpha coming soon