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  1. Anyone else having issues logging in?
  2. Art

  3. Its on then
  4. Hmm this is going to be interesting, I wonder what missions will be available to prep for the exam.
  5. I mean I'd have to take work off to play. I'm going to plan a day off to play, chill, go shopping, just nice to have a day to do whatever I want.
  6. This is great news, good job team. I'm excited.
  7. Newbie here, tryna figure it all out.

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    2. Noble


      He'll be doing that for awhile

    3. Gmancam


      Search function your best friend.

    4. Saito Akihiko

      Saito Akihiko

      @Kratos appreciate it.

      @Kenji you weren't lying lol