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    Woops yes but oh well I made it in like 2 seconds xD
  3. Very good for a start. Though you need to make them less flat. Objects are flat depending on where the light hits on them or the amount of colors you use. Remember to sculpt with form also. Lighting: Forming: Paleting for Color: Sure looks different, doesn’t it? When I create a color palette, I’m not afraid to make a mess. I treat it like a real painter’s palette (remember that pixel art is much closer to painting than drawing). The idea is in the unity of the colors. Each ramp branches away from the same darkest shade and eventually reach the same lightest shade (notice that the light yellows in the opposite corners are in fact the same color). As a result, the entire palette is cohesive. I suggest that you take a similar approach—don’t feel the need to arrange your ramps into neat little lines just because you’ve seen them organized that way before. The colors need to flow into each other, so keep it organic. You can always rearrange them afterwards. -Jason Perry
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    Ibiki.. Lol ikiba
  5. More of a if they stopped great if they don't, well that sucks. But the men in suits that would be more annoying than anything. Though you can just tell them no, because they are doing it upfront. At least they are doing it blindly. Though doing it on the phone and internet I don't put anything important on their or on my computers. It's all documented and filed. Oh well I hate the government anyways this isn't a shock to me and I always knew this was happening. Sorry for grammar I just don't feel like editing.
  6. OR you can just have different pvp arenas and you're pair with a person close to your level with out having people hold the tournament everyday (that will be annoying to mods and developers).
  7. I'm American and honestly I just don't care.. Whats the government going to do make fun of me because I watch stupid videos? Honestly if you are found to be a threat then good. The government been doing this stuff for the longest time and we jsut recently found out about it. Why would it matter if it changed now? I bet they are hiding 100million things besides this anyways.
  8. He's from india what do you expect him to know all the American ways? Anyways my favorite sport is either Hockey or Football(american).
  9. The only thing possible about xbox that is the better buy is fable and halo... Which I don't mind not playing anymore since they both gone down hill in my opinion.
  10. What else do you use it for? For tv I already have for a crappy voice system and sensor which harldy works. I was an xbox fanboy for years but this is horrible. I wanted better graphics and a cheaper system not this. At least they got rid of the drm and region lock.
  11. I'm guessing you're going to like the bath house.
  12. Hi!

    Awesome, probably the same
  13. Yes I don't mind adding coats, it's more of a coding job but it could be implemented.
  14. I didn't even touch that building, he did it all himself. He's very very skilled not sure if he did go to school though.
  15. Feature

    Robin doesn't work with NinOnline anymore