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  1. i like those ideas,i believe that the events should have a naruto feeling to them and not look out of place
  2. When i read *Toad Contract Scroll* suddenly that idea became very exciting. Edit* But this idea could have its downside as some elements like wind and lighting have more AoE jutsus making it easier for them to kill mobs, which puts the other element affinities and the other professions (forgot how they called) at a disadvantage
  3. Art

    Just to clarify this for myself,the next early acces test is in 3-5 weeks or the Open Alpha 3?
  4. Art

    That was my response god damnit.Also why the fuck is Akiro even taking ownership of what i said
  5. Art

    Well im pretty sure thats the point of a village is to be big, image a new kid in the Leaf village you think they know every corner of it or what? Also there will be tutorial like quests like in every game which show you where is the vendor and so on
  6. The time to change this 2 years old cringe worthy BIO has come

  7. Art

    You get used with the Leaf village pretty easy,then it actually seems quite average in size. U just too newb
  8. Art

    If you think it would be too much work, you can always just make the kage building and since nin is 200 years in to the future we can say that the old village was destroyed and re-built around the KageHouse which remained both for the Kazekages use and as a monument of some sort.
  9. Art

    Im very excited to see new development on Suna, it looks amazing i keep annoying Nemui and others telling them that it will be a long way until it will be released. BTW i know we dont necessary go with the exact anime way, but will Sand VIllage have some round shaped buildings? It looks great either was, im just asking
  10. I dont see the need for a second video so soon.\ @ I hope you will be back to work soon, the game needs u D:
  11. It is, i looked at it 5 times already
  12. Has anyone seen Avengres 2 ? I stated to hear a lot of bad stuff about it

  13. One day until next season of game of thrones

    1. Wolf


      first 4 episodes are already leaked lol

  14. Lol? Who exactly lost hope...
  15. Viking new season is out *_*

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    2. Atrox


      It`s good, Ragnar is a very interesting and entertaining character

    3. Atrox


      Its not like Gotham which became kind of shit after the 6 th episode tho

    4. Hermit


      Let's go to Uppsala!