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  1. thanks for the help!
  2. i tried to purchase an item in the shop and there was no indication of the credit on my acc. (gold since aug 13)
  3. I remember reading a long time ago that Gold Nin would be credited 20$ in the cash shop is that still going to happen?
  4. dope! now im not gonna be worried about osx compatability
  5. Neither image shows up but judging by previous comments i'm gonna say NR2 is Kabuto finally getting out of Izanami and accepting his fate
  6. barca fan since 07/08 season heh, but as far as wc group stages go IMO it's gonna come down to A: Brazil/Croatia B: Spain/Netherlands C: Greece/Japan D: England/Italy E: France/Switz F: Argentina/Nigeria G: Portugal/Germany H: Korea/Belgium. Mostly Euro teams , but i'm surprised the rest of you guys didn't pick Korea to come out on top of Group H, they're not bad.
  7. Game

    I know but that takes forever.. ah well i'll just wait for the next patch i guess
  8. Game

    Are there any alternative ways to earn ryo for the timebeing?
  9. Game

    Yeah i'm having the same problem. After my first mission completed, i was unable to interact with the kage :/
  10. oooooh right haha i'll try that
  11. When I get to the loading screen, it gets to Loading Characters when i see a little popup that says Runtime error "9" Subscript out of range. I have both runtimes installed and this is my first time having this problem-
  12. ^ There's a screenshot for reference. So I just came back to the game and started a new character and proceeded to take the Genin Exam. I got up to the part where you fetch the cloning scroll from kuno and you come back to Satoshi. Now the problem is that when Satoshi tells me to double-click on the scroll to learn the technique, it gives me an error saying that my chakra nature won't let me learn it. Is there some kind of new requirement or something that I just don't know about or..?
  13. I just got the same error. I wasn't manually selected as genin or anything it just suddenly happened as i was leaving the kage building
  14. I cant go back cause whenever i go back the Exam npc tells me to go get the i cant advance -_-
  15. During the Genin exam, i did the taijutsu part of the exam and then was told to get the scroll. I got the package from the medicine shop, but the scroll npc keeps telling me to go and get the package even though i already have it..