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  1. thanks for the help!
  2. i tried to purchase an item in the shop and there was no indication of the credit on my acc. (gold since aug 13)
  3. I remember reading a long time ago that Gold Nin would be credited 20$ in the cash shop is that still going to happen?
  4. dope! now im not gonna be worried about osx compatability
  5. Great news!! i'm excited!
  6. Yessss just what we needed! Now we just need to place that same indicator on the Forums
  7. @Tydon, I understand that other threads have similar/same suggestions, but it's still something I'm suggesting so you can't just tell me there's no place for it in my thread.. lol
  8. Thanks haha. I'm gonna be keeping this updated and hope that these changes happen. @Rory
  9. not even close. keezus?
  10. Oh whatt you actually remember him? I was looking through there and I really don't remember any of them :c only remember a few names from back then cause they stood out lol
  11. Yo check this out it's a forum I set up before they wiped the forums so I copypasted all the roleplay material here. i'm like advocating using this for a seperate RPing section here actually
  12. Got real crazy on those forums eventually towards the end, when everybody would flame each other and go on other forums and spam/flame them. Also the Roleplay system was great
  13. NarutoRealm OG over here, haha. same username as before : CorruptedOne but not sure whether or not I used an underscore between back then or not, i forget. It's been years haha
  14. Alright, so this list is probably going to keep on being expanded upon, and i'm taking a lot of ideas from other games, but from what i've seen so far: anything in RED are things that are listed here but have been implemented in the game. Server Status Indicator: this is a MUST! Most games have an indicator set somewhere on the site where it can easily be seen (Showing things such as Server Uptime, Online/Offline, Users Currently Logged in, etc). I say this, because the chats have been flooded all day long with the same questions like "Is the server down?" "When is the server coming back?", etc. To eliminate that issue and keep the chatbox less hectic this should definitely be implemented. Maybe right above the Chat window? Since that's what a lot of people tend to see when first getting on the forums.Exp Distribution: So far, most people have complained about getting KS'd, and i feel that this problem wouldn't be as bad if the exp wasn't given to the person who got the last hit on a monster. It's very unfair and gets frustrating to people like me .Colored names for Gold/Silver Members: I noticed that the admins have a blue color for their names and i feel that adding the color for gold members would be a nice touch. Not really necessary, but would be a nice addition. Username/IGN seperation: I guess this could be implemented later on when the full game comes, but I feel that the username and IGN should be seperated, and later on it would be nice if with one username you can have multiple characters on that username (E.g: Maplestory, WoW, etc)Bigger Resolution/Adjustable Resolution between Fullscreen & Windowed: This is one that's been discussed a LOT, and well doesn't need much explanation. Guide NPC's for Beginners: I know that the admins have guided people to where they need to go today, but in the future I think it's crucial to have NPC's that help you out and give you a basic tutorial in the beginning so you don't have a bunch of people later on wondering what the hell they're doing. Map: Another must-have feature, for sure. I don't really know any games that don't have one. I saw a lot of people today asking where certain places were (e.g: Weapons Shop) and had to be guided by other players. Sound Options: There should definitely be options for (if not already included) : Muting/Unmuting Music & Sounds, or adjusting the different volumes. More locations in Konoha to fight mobs: Pretty much everybody was crowded around in that one spot fighting Scorpions and Baby Wolves. There should definitely be more places to go and train/fight, which would reduce overcrowding and less KS'ers.Report Option: Too early to say there's hackers, obviously. But who knows who'll find a way to exploit the game? I know the admins aren't gonna be around all the time and so having a report option to contact admins in time of need should be a given.Quick-Tips/Reminders in the ingame Chat Window: During the game, every now and then there should be some little tips/reminders/messages in the chat. Usually with information that people already know, but is just helpful. Can't really think of anymore at the moment but i'll keep this list updated.