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Name: EdgeOfCygnus       Age: 21       Rank: No

Fast-food cashier


When people think of EdgeOfCygnus, most people might remember an awkward, unintelligent, irritating, and naked person standing in the background of the bounty station. And they're absolutely correct. Clinging to his fantastical ideals that medics will one day rule the exams, he now hides in the back of the map, behind trees, and lurks around unbeknownst to players in the game. This is because he is a terrible ninja and can not win a one-on-one fight, even if his opponent passes out from a seizure. Edge knows what ninja excellence is, and he knows he ain't got it. But when NinOnline gives Edge a lemon, he takes it and makes lemonade. The lemonade is horrible, but it's still lemonade.


Edge's personality can be summarized by one quote.


He "never gets less annoying. Trust me" - silver413



Besides the ability to make mediocre music, Edge employs a various amount of techniques into his arsenal. These tactics include strategic dodging, fleeing, hiding, running away, retreating, and stalling the fight. These skills may sound completely useless...

Edge also has no skill in any form of combat. He does, however, have his chakra skill to the highest possible level. Originally he thought that this would be useful somehow. And it isn't. But on the up-side, it is impossible for any ninja to sneak up on him via invisibility. But you don't need invisibility to defeat this loser.



















                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Yes, this is a parody of Indra's bio.