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  1. The moon is soo beautiful how is it this gorgeous

  2. Game

    XD man, this guy
  3. Game

    XD I voted no for the heck of it
  4. Looking forward to Christmas ._. the uchiha will rise (i really need another name for this)

  5. My graphic s card rip too bad I will miss out I cry every time :(
  6. Feature

    in other words awesome stuff
  7. It's almost here

    1. SaruioUchiha


      i can't wait!

    2. SaruioUchiha


      my emails were getting filled up with a bunch of stuff from nin online

  8. How I found this website I was searching for the perfect naruto no I couldn't find it then I found a comment talking about nin online so I checked it out I believed this will be the best naruto mmo
  9. the hype is real :)

  10. Summer Yes no School

  11. nin online coming :)

  12. You'd Think Can i find A Teacher For Pixel Art It Would Would Be Easier if someone were to teach me personally if so i will get it in a few days

  13. i checked ur profile i heard sao i was listening then XD good one