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  1. This is awesome...
  2. Did jesus die and create you
  3. It just needs shading bruh and a nice choice of colors... im new at pixeling also take a look at this for an example... Its done by me
  4. I clearly say the pvp toggle is only needed in safe zones.... If you go into a danger zone and die that's your fault
  5. Aido make something original ^_^
  6. I don't understand why the people are so called dumb... They didn't know anything about their config.ini having their username/password because this is just the start of alpha as we know. As for Ju nice warning for future problems.
  7. Support from Higashi ... I hope you guys can figure out what's the problem. I know a programmer if you guys need any assistance.
  8. I wish I would've known about this earlier :/
  9. Lao you doing too much >_> stick to RP lao instead
  10. TYRG (Thank You Rory God)
  11. I'm in virginia also 12:18 pm
  12. Why you sound so happy Jet LOL!!! Man you gonna be my chunnin partner?
  13. I'm from GOA and byond as well... Key: Sasukeuchiha500 , Kjtbad, SlasshorZ
  14. Thanks to all of you gus I feel welcomed ^_^