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  1. Hello everyone, and at first i want to say im sorry that i made a decision on my own. Im talking about changed to boss bandit exp wich was i see a big kind of action and too much dissrespectful towards Rory works wich he said I put expoilt in the game. (But as for me im not seeing it like that) Im hoping you guys will forgive me on such thing. And as for that things and a few more things, im giving up my role as Artist here. Hope you all to have a fun here and im wishing for NinOnline the best what they could get here! I was happy to be part of Nin Community love you all, and still if someone wish to talk with me i will be on discord, just invite me to friend list, or type! Good bye!
  2. I like all the ideas, but as for now, we dont have that much time for doing something like it, maybe if somone will do emotes and animate it we could add it so it will be faster, but for creating itself take a time. Rainbow Outfit Dye - love the idea, buuuut, we couldnt add something like that not in the nearest future. We have a program that allow us to recolor it simply, but still open it, recolr, save it, open icon, recolor save it, and it will have like 27 sprites to each clothe item, a lot of resources from our engine will be taken Not until we will improve it. - Blank Scroll Dye - why we need blank scroll dye? - Sand Gourd - as cash shop item sounds perfect, but not until we finish mist. - More Fans in ryo Shop - there will be more fans, maybe even for ryo, but it takes time. I have few idea of fans. - Blank Scroll Accessory - bllank scroll ? For what a small blank scroll as accesory? Dont know if it will fit perfect in our small pixel base. - Tailed Beast Masks - sounds fun, maybe for events. - Nin Online Long Sleeve Shirt - Hmm event items nice idea maybe after mist and it goes to the rest.
  3. It was updated, but not changed the prewiev at site. Need a time to change it.
  4. Its a bug, it iwll be fixed soon.
  5. I'm not saying that to say u do bad work no. No, you done a nice one! It's just anyone needs a crtitism to be able to improve a better, try to look at our new coats that are in game already or some new shirts to see how the shades should be done and if u want I could direct you into it you only need to pm me at discord
  6. Damn, why didnt i saw that early! Sooooo i would like to say its a nice outfit, but there is a few things that i recommend you to fix and work on it more Like first of all shades, there are a little shades on it, try to use 3 or 4 colors of the same color. Also it doesnt got well on that clothes, like its just some random put in it. Like there is no folds on the clothes, nothing, you need to put a much effort in it! Another is the shape its jjust too flat for me. The "armor" that are behind that coat looks wierd at arms it should ebe a little more round. Hope you will improve more and dont give up and try your best!
  7. Hey! Thanks for taking your time posting it, and hope we would be able to fill your wishes here. First of all we are just a small group of ppl who are working on Nin as a more like hobby then our currently work. I know as for myself I work normally 8h then came back to home, doing stuffs there, and after a few hours of break i open Photoshop and start doing stuffs for Nin. I just spend my free time doing Nin stuffs pixels. And it comes also to others staffs memember, like university, work, family. So its like 2/3h of work on Nin, befor we go sleep cuz of tired. I wish to have more time for Nin, trust me I just love watching ppl trying to gather new clothes, trying to kill new bandits (and other things) and doing Pvp. But as I said early, dont have that much free time But still we are not gonna give up! Just belive in us and have hope that we wil be able to do more and more!
  8. Lol, did it went down when normal when your bi was gone?
  9. Wasnt that cuz lvl cap there was only 30? Now we have 50, so its ok to get it at max lvl
  10. Hello thanks for your work! But eventually that kind of robe will be added later. As for what i see now the robe that u changed need a little fixes, like the red mark it too flat, and the hood looks wierd in fron and in back. As for that the sand i like the shape of it, but need a little better shades, and its kinda too big for our base ;P
  11. Ya i know it would be nice to have something like that, but, as Sparkzz said, our engine so far cant handle that much items (need some upgrades), so we are mainly focus on Mist village, and stuff for it. And thats why we wont be doing any requests from player for now.
  12. Ahh again with the same topic, closing.
  13. Incresing the mission daily will lower it exp gain. It will be eventually more, after we increse lvl cap.
  14. Ohh nice one! For the hair i think i will change a little its shape to be more like puff at top and be little bigger. As for shades the hairs should need a little change for me. Like its not looking bad, but that whiter color at the middle of hair is trigged me so hard ;P like in some poke mmo characters. I likee the shades of the his robe/scarf, but also would like to change it a little bit. Its feel like u put too much darker color to be it a litle bit creased. Its a small art, so we need to show off less detalied But still this work is on good level hope to see more from you! Next one pls do Lulu!