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  1. @Wave is bae
  2. Ayyy lmao
  3. Game

    You keep telling me that you're a WM with int build, the only source I'm using for my information on that one is you. It's the same as when you're assuming that no elemental user in the entire world has any points in fort, see? As for the Lightning thing. Somewhere on the 1st page of this topic, the very last post.
  4. Game

    You clearly didn't read a single word I wrote. So, please go back and do so. Once you've done that, give me a professional response instead of this. ^ Also, since I have to spell it out for you, the reason I say you're being hypocritical is the fact that you want to tell other users what to build, but you refuse to build WM with STR which is the norm for WM. Do you understand now? "fort is survivability in this game, if you refuse to build it then don't cry for not survive for long time." Well, STR is what gives your sword damage. If you refuse to build it, then don't cry that you can't level up at the proper pace. Also, pardon me, but I don't recall any crying from myself. I'll leave that to you and the medics. And why don't you tell @Saku that medics are out? I'm sure he'll disagree.
  5. Game

    @Absolian Little-known fact: I've played WM too. And it's not nearly as hard as you make it. Also, what if I like solo grinding? Cause sometimes, that's exactly what I do. I just grind for myself, rather than with a team. You can't stat talking about balance, if you keep going on and on about teams. If you wanna discuss masteries, you discuss them in their SOLO capabilities, since that displays what the mastery is actually capable of. Now, for your glas cannon idea: No thanks, I have always played this way and I will continue doing so. People may copy me if they want to and they are allowed to go for the regular ele build if they want to as well. Oh, and since you seem to tell us to build fort, ima quote you on something here: "INT path WM is unbalance and and also disadvantages. [...] and considering you did not play Beta as WM Int path, so u didn't even play 1 sec more then me." - Well, why don't you go ahead and build some STR, in that case? Do you fail to see your own hypocrisy here? Another thing you seem to fail recognizing is the usage of chakra. You know... the thing that you DON'T use when you want to level up? And for the grand finalé: You're calling Lightning weak? Don't make me laugh, this will be the same story as in Alpha.. Once I get the element at level 50 (if ever, LUL) - You (or someone else) will be here to write another complaint on how Lightning is so OP, cause I'm so annoyingly good.
  6. Game

    The other thing is, Weapon have it SUPER easy from 1-10, since they can tank and attack mobs for a lot more damage than any Element user. We have to hit for a damage output of "2" to hit level 10, if we want to grind solo. Tell me how much you hit for, @Absolian? (At the levels 1-10) Next, if we keep going by Solo grinding: Yes, we can regen chakra.. But it requires 2-3 jutsus to kill a mob, requiring 24-36 seconds to kill ONE mob. How many seconds does it take a WM? I'd like to say less. If you die, is your HP so low that you get oneshot by mobs and you have to use 4-5 jutsus to kill mobs? How many seconds are we at now? - I'll answer that one too: 48-60 seconds for ONE silly mob with our amazing kiting. Different masteries have different advantages and disadvantages, Absolian. You clearly fail to realize this.
  7. Wannabe's...
  8. The only part I can agree on is Phoenix Fireball and Lightning Senbon almost being the exact same thing, as well as Cutter having the edge on the Fire Wall (with your specs on Fire Wall). I did use Lightning Cutter, but it was very situational and also, quite risky with my build in the alpha stage of the game. In team fighting, I don't think any jutsu is worthless, it is all up to preference. You like standing still whilst casting jutsus, I like kiting my enemies, staying versatile, dodging fast projectiles as well as firing them. It just seems like you like slow-paced PvP, whereas I prefer the more action-packed PvP, where you have to think fast and move just as fast. Oh, and since you were wondering about the Lightning Spear: I hit Lightning Spears, even in Alpha.. and I'm only gonna assume that it wasn't nerfed for Beta. Lightning Spear just depends on timing the jutsu, to be honest. As most os us know, these were my two elements in the Alpha, and I will probably pick them again. So I'm honestly just going from my own experience with the elements here.
  9. - Phoenix Fireball is no doubt an incredible jutsu. - But Big Flame Bullet is not too good. It doesn't CC enemies and has a cast time requirement. It has a self-stun, leaving you open, so even if you DO hit it, the enemy can still attack you. - The upcoming Fire Wall - well, no clue. - Fire Shurikens were removed. Since you want to compare that to Lightning, let's do so: - Lightning Senbon is also a pretty amazing jutsu PVE & PVP-wise. - Lightning Cutter has a super long range and it's homing, so it's amazing for PVP & PVE. - Lightning Spear is a long range spear with pretty high damage, making it AWESOME in both PVP & PVE as well. So, what was that about getting the longer end of the stick?
  10. @Dareem, Rory did say that they were going to add DoT, so I believe(d) that it was going to be a jutsu that dealt DoT all along, but the requirements you're busting out are absolutely insane. 2 Sec cast time on top of "The wall should be up for a time in which players can escape." is just gonna make the jutsu the new Ash Pile. And we all know how much everyone used that jutsu. It is a level 20 jutsu, so I cannot agree with 40-60 seconds cooldown on any jutsus, which are given at level 20. But yeah, other than the specs that you wanted to give the jutsu, the idea seems alright. I am also pretty sure we all thought it would function differently, as in: *[X] uses Wall of Fire" *[Y] steps on the fire* *[Y] takes damage over time scaling with int*
  11. You're the one causing drama. I'm just stating what I think is right, just like you are. The fact that you even consider this drama... Lmao. To me, it's just me spittin' fire (Hah, get it?) whilst you're being salty about me posting what I think about your post. Not everyone says a nerf is needed, nor does everyone say a buff is needed. What it needs is a fix instead of random spikes in damage, as if the base damage changes per cast. What you're delievering could be considered facts, but Shadow's post is a fact as well in that case, is it not? And for the record, so was my previous post. PS: Absolian thought my phoenix fireball made his game crash.. Good tester!
  12. It's still inaccurate, I'm not saying the jutsu shouldn't get a nerf in some way, I'm saying you're going at it the wrong way. As for the level 20 part. Who says I am not? Or rather ... Was.
  13. Yeah, Niti the FIRE USER shouldn't open his mouth on a topic about FIRE jutsus. He wouldn't know.. You're right, leave that to Konahri, the medic! Also, in case you didn't notice, I'm not toxic.. Why do you think you're always refered to whenever the word "Salt" comes up? As for how Vesta did that with only 50 int, I have no clue, but clearly your testing is inaccurate.
  14. Medic got nerfed! Nerf fire pls ;-; Shadow said his Fire Wall hits 110-130 with 80 intellect. Doesn't that leave the base damage at 40? Well, since it was never described what "scaling with [x]" accounts for, we can't really do the math regarding the "scaling with intellect" part, but if we were to say "Scaling with intellect" means 1 point of damage per 1 point in intellect. That would (In Shadow's case) leave the base damage at 30-50. Since we're on the subject of Fire jutsus already, the other two fire jutsus (Phoenix Fireball and Bullet) seem to do the exact same amount of damage, despite having completely different base damages. So whilst we're at it, buff up the Bullet to the damage it is actually meant to do. If you TRULY want to test the base damage, get a character to level 20 and use the jutsu WITHOUT putting any points in to intellect. This post is super flawed, since the testing was done incorrectly.
  15. She knows dirty secrets that I keep, does she know it's killing me?