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  2. Game

    Other than the fact that it seems easily exploitable, I like the concept of getting rewarded for RP. I, myself enjoy PvP more than RP, but I do RP and try to stay in character on the game every now and then (mainly, if something interesting is going on). But yeah, like @Wilkor & I already mentioned - it seems easily exploitable. If we could think of some way to ensure that only actual RP (rather than just clicking the button and going AFK) gets exp from this, it would be awesome. It would also add some diversity to the game, which is fairly cool.
  3. Exciting. Can't wait to see who gets in this, assuming most of us really want a spot.
  4. Haahah, I'm in love with the end result and we sure as hell had lots of fun recording this.
  5. Game

    Safely? Most AoE that I know of at the early levels (10-20) has some kind of cast time to ensure that you are not safe. Like Jazz mentioned, swords have an easy early game experience, int-users have an easy late game experience. And it would seem fan has it easy throughout the entire grind. Not to mention, you have to do a whole lot of kiting with only that fuuma shuriken (which stuns you for 2 seconds), and a 1-tile move until you get your AoE move (which is approximately level 15 for most elements). Now, this next part is only for fire, but - The level 15 fire AoE move (Big Flame bullet, I believe it's called) stuns ONLY the user and has a cast time. So even when you do hit it, you are not safe at all, cause you are stunned whilst the mobs are moving towards you.
  6. I feel like, at max level, the stun should just be left out of the equation. It should not stun the user, however it should not stun the enemy either. Right now, it is just a double-edged sword that barely anyone will use in PvP. But, if the stun on both sides were to be removed whilst the jutsu still hast a cast time, it could be efficient even in PvP.
  7. If we could get one that is optimal for every player, that would be awesome. But a server in Canada is in no way the most optimal for both regions. It is clearly advantageous for American players like the old one was advantageous to European players.
  8. If you will have a European server as well, aren't you just reverting to an older state of the game (Hawk & Snake server)? - Cause back then, everyone (US & EU players alike) all played on the European (Snake) server. So, what is the point of splitting the game into two servers once again?

    R: Revolution E: Enquired B: By E: Exposing L: Lucifer's L: Lawmen I: In O: Obedience N: Nonchalantly Background On a fateful evening, a young boy's life changes drastically as mayhem breaks loose and his somewhat regular Shinobi life turns into something entirely different - In a short term - hell. The young boy's mother was killed by village infiltrators of a higher rank than he had ever seen (excluding the Hokage). The father of the boy survives, however he decides to abandon his son. The father was amongst the rank of shinobi that had assassinated the boy's mother. In fact, it seems as the boy has finally calmed himself down from the traumatizing experience, he notices something. The kunai that was shoved deeply into the mother's chest was one of his father's handmade kunais. That is when the young boy bursted in tears as something indifferent had started swirling in his eyes. The young boy swore vengance, first against his father: "I swear, I will avenge my mother..-" -As he stopped halfway, he had a different thought: "No.. I swear to defy the system and go our current laws and policies. I will defeat any shred of evil that exists on the very surface of this planet, even if that means I end up becoming evil itself." 12 years later, that young boy still lives and is now known as a prodigious Genin of the Leaf village. The boy has become more mature and has learned many powerful techniques in his conquest. The only step left for him was to gather a team with the same ambitions. The name of the boy was Niti... Description and goals REBELLION is a resistance group that goes against the current. Despite residing in the Leaf village, the group has nothing to do with the Leaf village, allowing even members of other villages to join as long as the intentions are the same. REBELLION only shares info amongst themselves (the group members) and refuse to give away any kind of information to regular villagers or other organizations. REBELLION values the lives of their fellow organizations' members more than the lives of their respective village members and will kill off any villagers (no matter what rank) to make their goal(s) a reality. Despite those facts, REBELLION is an organization that always tries to remain neutral when it comes to relationships with fellow organizations. The group has but one motive - to destroy the current policies of their respectable villages and lead them by other means. Therefore, the main goal of REBELLION is to take the thrones of the Sand and the Leaf village and rule both villages as both Kazekage and Hokage. Members & Units: (Each first member of each unit represents the leader of that so-called unit) REBELLION Captain: Niti Combat Leader: Marino CU1: [] CU2: [] CU3: Ghoul, Kyokotsu, Matu441 Tactical Leader: Saku TU1: TU2: TU3: Recruitment REBELLION does not take in any members that cannot benefit the organization. For that reason, there are a few requirements, which will be listed in another post. If a person applies, they should expect to be tested in various areas, including strength and intelligence. The only way to get around these requirements is to be handpicked by the combat leader or the tactical leader.
  10. +1
  11. Me getting a warning point for writing "Ninja"
  12. This is getting out of hand, guys. We are meant to be a family outside of the game. We are meant to have each others backs and leave the feuds to the game. Rory already stated, how he is going to compensate for the EXP lost with the loss of player files. Until Rory gives you any other information, we should only believe what Rory writes is true and accept whatever he says, whether that is to your advantage or not. There is no point in us getting mad at each other for a mistake, which was never meant to happen. Let's stop this here and now, as there is no point in continuing to disagree with one another. We all have our own opinions on the matter, and we are all allowed to have those opinions, of course. But we will never reach a conclusion that will make everyone happy, so just let Rory handle this the best he can.
  13. By writing this, aren't you contradicting yourself? You're claiming you won't reply.. And yet, what I just quoted here ^ is you replying..
  14. So you clearly have no idea what is going on. My picture was just for banter. Everyone knows, that I did not hit level 30 in the Closed Beta. My point still stands, Rory can't show any kind of favortism towards certain players, regardless of their levels in closed beta. NeverLucky BabyRage - Have a blessed day, cutie EDIT: I never said anything about my picture being from the Closed Beta. I just said I should be rewarded for being level 30 too.
  15. BamBOOSTED