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Ninja Bio
Name: Niti
Clan: Uchiha descendant half-breed
Age: 16 (23-07-2000)
Rank: Neo-Akatsuki Leader Prior: S-Rank Criminal
Village: The Village hidden in the Rain Prior: The Hidden Leaf Village
Siblings: TBA
Titles: Hero of the Leaf, The Hellspitter, Crimson Lightning
Bio & Story
On a fateful evening, a young boy's life changes drastically as mayhem breaks loose and his somewhat regular Shinobi life turns into something entirely different - In a short term - hell. The young boy's mother was killed by village infiltrators of a higher rank than he had ever seen (excluding the Hokage). The father of the boy survives, however he decides to abandon his son. The father was amongst the rank of shinobi that had assassinated the boy's mother. In fact, it seems as the boy has finally calmed himself down from the traumatizing experience, he notices something. The kunai that was shoved deeply into the mother's chest was one of his father's handmade kunais. That is when the young boy bursted in tears as something indifferent had started swirling in his eyes. The young boy swore vengance, first against his father: "I swear, I will avenge my mother..-" -As he stopped halfway, he had a different thought than his initial one: "No.. I swear to defy the system and go our current laws and policies. I will defeat any shred of evil that exists on the very surface of this planet, even if that means I end up becoming evil itself."
Several years later, that young boy still lived on and honed his skills to be known as a prodigious Genin of the Leaf village. The boy has become more mature and has learned many powerful techniques in his conquest. The only step left for him was to gather a team with the same ambitions. The name of the boy was Niti...
As time passes by, Niti realizes that he has no choice but to leave the village as he senses misplaced trust and misjudgement on his character. Niti leaves through the main gate of the Leaf village, passing by the guards with his Invisibility Technique. As he passes by, he searches through his stuff looking for a certain item - His headband. As Niti pulls out his headband and holds it steadily in his hands, he pulls out a kunai in his other hand and stands completely still, hestitating for a few moments before finally carving over the symbol of the Leaf village on his headband. While Niti was very saddened by this, there was also another feeling bubbling up inside of him and slowly taking over Niti, only turning him in to a man of a more corrupt nature. It seems that Niti was under the influence of a Genjutsu, which can only be activated by users who possess amazing visual prowess. This Genjutsu is powerful, as it has changed Niti's perspective on a lot of things - He now enjoys violent scenarios and killing is of no big concern, as long as it is for a greater cause.
During his conquest, Niti meets an incredibly pale man with crimson-red eyes who goes by the name of Yukimura. Niti acknowledges Yukimura's medical capabilities, and decides to win him over to his own side through drastic and dirty methods. When Niti finally manages to win Yukimura over, he uses him as a partner to acquire the blood of the Hidden Leaf villagers.
After a long time of staying hidden, Niti finally reveals himself to the ninja world once again. He is no longer under the influence of any genjutsu. Amazingly enough, the influence of the genjutsu had ended approximately around the time one of Yukimura's experiments known as 'Black Zetsu' had been sent to the realm of the dead. Whether or not Yukimura had some sort of influence in putting Niti under such a powerful genjutsu, Niti was unsure of. And why did Yukimura give him such a hard time, before finally teaming up with him back then, if that was the case? It almost seemed as if Yukimura had some sort of grand plan, which has been carefully thought out for a while. Most likely to Yukimura's dismay, one thing that he did not make account for was the fact that Niti would not allow himself to be a puppet of any genjutsu any longer. After being trapped from such amazing visual prowess, Niti had built an immunity to visual techniques and genjutsus and even managed to awaken his own doujutsu which is unique to him.
That doujutsu went by the name of 'Whatever the hell I decide to call it when I'm creative enough'., which was now one of the strongest weapons in his arsenal.
(More story TBA)
(TBA - Neo-Akatsuki ... Unless I just put it in organization lore /huh)

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