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Kage was born in the Leaf village. He was an extraordinary child due to his troubled mind and sickness. He had born with schizophrenia. He always had friends around him, but still he felt like he couldn't trust those friends. It was mostly because of himself. He often wanted to test people if they can prove to be worthy of his trust or not. So he was a lone fighter from the beginning pretty much. 

At early Age, Kage was able to reach the point where he could activate his Byakugan. ''The all seeing eye''. 

He started to train hard from day to night, knowing he needed to get out of his home village. There was nothing for him. So he worked hard until the day came where he was ready to leave the village without saying goodbye to anybody. 


Kage is usually really calm person as he can control his sickness pretty well now at older age. But when someone gets him angry. That's where the hell begins. 


He got his Byakugan and gentle fist fighting style skills at early age, but also during his travels he started to learn about lighting style aswell.



S- Rank criminal. 
Also known as Kage-The white hawk.