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Vaga was only a child when his dad dissapear on a secret mission of Rank S. When the adventure of Vaga started, everyone was walking on him, but one day, Vaga decide to make this change.

Someday, Vaga has met Dona, this guy was a veteran ninja. After a few conversations with dona, he accepted to learn the basics of the ninja path to Vaga. 

Vaga trained alot alone and with Dona, he became the first ninja to have 2 masteries. Vaga has his glory times, he was unbeatable at a moment, no one was able to take him down. Vaga had trained very hard to become the first ninja to ever have mastered 2 elements. 

Vaga saw that many ninja was learning second masteries after him, and alot was surpassing him, but with his good training and good combinaison of elements, he was still a great ninja. However with his efforts and dedication, he sought to train hard to come up with new strong jutsu combinations. No matter what the cirumstances were, Vaga was still a great ninja



 Vaga kid.png

                                                                                    About him

                                                                                                           Village: Suna

          Rank: Specialized Jonin

            Role: Sand Anbu Trainer

        Masteries: Water/Wind

Age: 25 years old

Clan: Igarashi Leader

Know alias: Vaga Igarashi, Vaga, TheVagabond, Trouillard0o

Attitude: Calm, Mysterious, Joking

Member of THE NEW ERA

Owner of one of the four legendary's pink fans.

Special Thanks to @Shirou for the english correction. 


                                                                         The New Era

                                              The New Era is a secret organization with a couple of the strongest ninja of the sand village                                                                                                   who are working together to make Sand comeback to life.



Sans titre.png

                                                                           Vaga Sama

         Some Sand genin started to call Vaga with the nickname of Vaga Sama. Vaga decided to accept                                                                                                                 this  title and to train some weak genins.

 Vaga Igarashit.png

                                                    Vaga Igarashi Training

                                                     Lvl's of ninja power:  Lvl 50

                                                        Jutsus maxed: All water jutsus, All wind jutsus

                                                        Jutsu specialization: Master in the art of being a ghost/ to survive, to escape

                                                        In fight: Vaga is a good 1v1 ninja

Vaga hit.png








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