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  1. ooooh feisty, i like it
  2. Why wasn't there a nude female ninja in the music video
  3. Could i get mine? @Seth @Rory
  4. I still haven't been rolled back not even 1exp
  5. it's only 3 levels man don't sweat compared to what it was like a few days ago they have done very good not to mention i haven't been rolled back once yet or lost anything
  6. pull the plug as in the open alpha?
  7. I don't think there is an exact time but it should be up within a few hours i guess i could be completely wrong though
  8. Any idea how long it will be down for maintenance ?

  10. better start drinkin those energy drinks cause we bout to have some fun in a spa mr light
  11. Starts at 1pm for me its pretty great
  12. Love the control guide :3 I just run and hide behind trees and charge chakra... worked out pretty well
  13. I use a laptop so i cant see the very bottom of the games part of the screen but only the tinyest bit is cut off all i do is move my taskbar to the right and its perfectly fine, Or i put on the Auto hide task bar witch is also handy
  14. Haha ^_^ all though not to mention if they did decide to add this to the game i would imagine it wouldn't be added until later on in the future i would say in full release or in the beta stage