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Ninja Bio

Physical characteristics:

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs

Skin color: White

Eye color: Pitch black

Blood type: O-

Clan and other affiliations:

Clan: Himitsu




One of 3 founders and former Co-Leader of the Akatsuki



1. S ranked Rogue ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village.

2. A founder and ex-member of one of the greatest organization in the world.

3. A founder and leader of The Peace Keepers, the first missing ninja organization in the history of Nin.

4. Grammar Bringer in the Red Lotus.



I was a member of the hidden leaf village for only a brief amount of time. I decided that I wanted to strike out on my own, separated from the noise and chaos of the Hidden Leaf. I became a missing ninja... the second in the world to ever abandon his village... I had no master, no Kage, no high-class ninja to assist me in times of need... But what I did have were a few allies of equal standing. Together we trained hard to become powerful enough to rival the hidden villages. Through hard work and perseverance, we gathered a reputation for ourselves as men of peace. We killed only those that we had to and protected anybody that was unable to protect themselves... those times have long since passed... Only blood and hate await me now...



I am a master fire user. I can incinerate any and all who I need or wish to kill. I specialize in long range warfare as my taijutsu is sub par at best... I rely heavily on my flames to protect me. My fire burns hotter than any other fire master in this world... I can end a battle before it even begins and vanish without a trace before their friends even have a chance to blink.


I've been developing lightning style ninjutsu over a great deal of time... Secretly, and away from prying eyes, I trained this power on my own in order to hone my abilities before I appeared before enemy ninja to test what I had learned. My fire style ninjutsu is still my strong-suit, but I developed my prowess with the forces of the tempest rather quickly. I have learned to use lightning style ninjutsu effectively in combat.


Way of the ninja:

The end justifies the means

Everything in this world is relative. Good and evil, right and wrong, it's all just a point of view. Nothing is inherently good or evil, so under these philosophies I do whatever it takes to obtain my goals. If you believe me to be evil, then I am evil. If you believe me to be good, then I am good. The laws of relativism states that I am what you perceive me to be. But everybody perceives me differently... so what am I? 




I have few goals left that I desire to achieve... most of them have already been claimed in one way or another. The only goal that I have left is to finish what I've started... I won't go into what I mean by this, but things have been in motion for quite some time. One day, it will come to pass. And on that day, I can rest in peace.




1. My one and only rival, and friend, is @Niti. He is the only fire master to be able to challenge me, and is a very dangerous man to all those foolish enough to be on the receiving end of his superior power.


Every other rival that I have had on my journey has either vanished from the world, or has been slain by my own hand. I seek others to rival me and provide a mutual challenge...


Past and present students:

1. @Kisame

2. @Booty Gang Pinku

3. @Cannabis

4. @Lecter

5. @Sasuke

6. @Ohiya

7. @Ryuso



1. My ex-organization leader and founder of the red lotus, @Anborn, took me in when I was weak and guided me towards the path of greatness. I wouldn't be the fighter that I am today without his aid.

2. The Second Hokage, @Shirou, he has been very generous and gracious towards me. I will never forget his kindness.

3. The members of the Himitsu clan have been very kind to me. I count them among the few allies I have left.