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Killed by Leaf Village ANBU Blackops



One of 3 founders of the Akatsuki


Suna ANBU leader


Suna Military Police Chief





You know who I am.




1. Blaming lag

2. Running away

3. Alt f4


Way of the ninja:

The end justifies the means

I did whatever it took to win. I had no honor in fights and would cheat and use dirty nefarious tactics. Almost like a ninja or something



There's literally nothing else I could have ever wanted to achieve. Become the Hokage? lol




1.  @Niti

I didn’t acknowledge anybody else as a rival of mine. He's the only one I competed with to be the best fire user. During a certain meta, he held that title by popular agreement. Many thought I surpassed him at one point, but that is a matter of debate. 


Past and present students:

1. @Oriax: I Had more fun learning how to throw a snowball from him than playing Nin.

2. @Booty Gang Pinku: Never failed to make me laugh. 

3. @Cannabis: Suna's valiant defender

4. @Lecter: Lord of the ping

5. @Sasuke: Pretty good at RP

6. @Ohiya: Could have been Hokage. Best anbu for sure though.

7. @Ryuso: Time zone differences sucked.



1. I’ll always treasure the memories that I had with every single member of this community. When you spend three years of your life developing friendships while playing a political simulator, you tend to grow close to people and make enemies here and there at the same time.

Be they friend or foe, at the end of the day it’s just a game.

And damn did I play it well.

love you all, peace~