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Among the latest generation of the Kuraen clan was Wilkor, the son of Kasami and Riria. Kasami was a descendant of Migifu himself, who sacrificed most of his life to match the legacy of his ancestor. He was a skilled hunter ninja of the Leaf Village. Riria came from the clan branch distantly related to Migifu line, to which Kasami belong. She worked on teaching the new generation at the Academy.

Young Wilkor was more focused on practice than theory, so despite his ability he graduated Academy in standard time. After a year of being a genin, he joined the chuunin exam with his team, but failed to win the rank. It was only at the third approach to the exam that he was successful, which it was still a good result in relation to many who have always remained genins. His companions during the exam were lightning user Sasayaki Deathmall and medic Yamazaki Caio

Having reached chunin rank finally Wilkor built a reputation in the Village by ruthless pursuit of missing nins and lectures to academy students, thus he was rewarded with the role of the Hokage's bodyguard. Despite being still a member of the younger generation, he took up to himself to train genins, to whom he had much to convey