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  1. Kuraen Wilkor

    Time for this old wolf to sign up as well, count me in
  2. Kuraen Wilkor

    That's very nicely done @Kiroku Hinode
  3. Kuraen Wilkor

    No such thing as missing clan, Rory said so already in this topic
  4. Kuraen Wilkor

    If you have problem with the name you could talk with our leader about it and not ignore him
  5. And where have you said that in starting topic all i can see is 6 months limit that resets if you get the leader
  6. Other players spots? Or maybe just not every other noob is suppose to join? "I finally gotten in to ANBU I am lvl 20 just because everyone else already used up their time there" Cos that's what it will end up being people will join just to fill the spots and not cause they will deserve it
  7. Kuraen Wilkor

    I am pretty sure it's CLAN elder, not village one
  8. Kuraen Wilkor

    Like @King Crotic said, removing v say or changing it in that way will only make people use discord more for this kind of situation
  9. Not out fault Sand leadership did better job at killing their own village than Leaf
  10. In opening post there is nothing about metaphor per person limit
  11. Here's autograph to No. 1 Kuraen fanboy from Kuraen Wilkor 

    1. MrChubb


      nope im best kuraen git gud

    2. Kuraen Wilkor

      Kuraen Wilkor

      Okay so autograph for best Kuraen fan from Kuraen Wilkor ;)

    3. MrChubb


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  12. Kuraen Wilkor

    Pretty sure someone was banned made new account and got banned again
  13. I am pretty sure this is not place for talk about missing orgs @Booty Gang Captain @Kokuryu @Magatama if you want to talk about it make a new topic or something
  14. Oh come on, you can get to lvl 10 in like few hours, there should be at least 20 cos only grown up should be allowed to vote
  15. Kuraen Wilkor


    Then can we get 2 hotbars one on top of each other when that happens? Switching them out in middle of combat is kinda awkward
  16. Kuraen Wilkor

    New Chunins CE V

  17. That topic was only to those who got their rank in 3rd CE, your chunin rank is locked in Leaf since you joined as Leaf in 4th CE
  18. Kuraen Wilkor

    Rule: Please make sure your screenshots are 1920x1080 resolution, we would prefer if your GUI was hidden by pressing the "F1" key, and make sure your screenshot is unique compared to current official screenshots.