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  1. So fucking true, fuck Nin and it's staff
  2. With new alt new life rule there is plenty of traitors everywhere, it's nice idea but people can't split it, since in the end all the learn and happens to same person
  3. I see a lot of people should redo their genin exam, try to remember the last question and answer to it
  4. Time for this old wolf to sign up as well, count me in
  5. Sand already has what I would call genin vest in their clothing shop
  6. Had few topics like that, not gonna happen cos staff would need additional people as well for GMs and stuff like that who would speak Portuguese Having game translated to different language would basically mean they support that language so they would have to do RP events in Portuguese as well, which is a lot of work cos either they would need to translate on the go or do separate one
  7. That's very nicely done @Kiroku Hinode
  8. If it was 2nd Hokage and you were bellow 15 then sure, but nope we are at 5th Hokage
  9. Only taijutsu users need agility, the way it affects cast speed is absolutely not worth for ninjutsu users, you would have had so much agi that you would have no dmg at all
  10. Medic was from the start jack of all trades it's good it was finally separated
  11. As Rory claims Kazekage is absolute so he can do the fck he wants, so I don't think anything can be done with it, you probably got called spy or something and they exiled you just for that
  12. Whats the point fo having it random when you suppose to be able to play with anything you want and get useless buff
  13. Staff already said there will be clan resets
  14. No such thing as missing clan, Rory said so already in this topic
  15. It's to make sure that missing don't invite people from 2 different villages, it was abused before to bypass Leaf and Sand not being allowed to team with each other
  16. I love that zoom at 1:00
  17. *never checked any tag*
  18. Like wipe is a magic spell that will solve anything, only thing that it will achive is making more people to drop nin
  19. If you have problem with the name you could talk with our leader about it and not ignore him
  20. It took me 2 months to get to lvl 50 and would I do it again? No thank you, never again
  21. We already have to much salt and toxicity, we don't need another reason to be at each other throats
  22. Oh so you want to tell me that when one side has to spend most time on water and other is on land they don't have any advantage?
  23. You mean where Akat had massive terrain advantage?
  24. And where have you said that in starting topic all i can see is 6 months limit that resets if you get the leader
  25. Other players spots? Or maybe just not every other noob is suppose to join? "I finally gotten in to ANBU I am lvl 20 just because everyone else already used up their time there" Cos that's what it will end up being people will join just to fill the spots and not cause they will deserve it