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  1. @Mikecw You missed 1v1 PvP in Medic (chakra focus) but since total is 12 i guess its value is 5
  2. day they did encounter hooded figure...
  3. Game

    I lost 2k ryo with gambling xD
  4. @Itachi Uchiha best person to pvp with, no broken ass shit just pure skill and fun. Wilkor aproves

    1. Itachi Uchiha

      Itachi Uchiha

      Thanks man, haha

  5. Wait aint that mine RP mission?
  6. Game

    I was told by Tartarus that you can have two clients and change rename stuff inside their folders as long as you not using 3rd party software
  7. Game

    The thing is people can just learn those and then use stat reset scroll since you dont have to meet any requirements after learning jutsu
  8. Game

    The same way all other non-english players including me are doing, LEARN ENGLISH
  9. Game

    Supporting additional languages will mean they will need more staff since current ones are English speaking and since game is far from being complete every time they will want to release update they will need to wait for translations witch will slow them down
  10. Game

    Just get back to it you will need to wait 10 mins tho before writing
  11. Game

    Well this is PvP RP game and missing becoming feudal lord makes absolutely no sense
  12. Game

    You cant be killed next to hospital and you have event hq where there is no jutsu zone
  13. Game

    Whats wrong with killing traitors and criminals?
  14. You missing one picture in your topic @VestaOrion