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  1. Game

    IT woudn't if chidori would go on cd after falling to land but no you can spam it for all ethernity until you land a hit
  2. Game

    Each homing jutsu with cast time does, they lock on moment you start casting so even going inv doesnt help when cast has already started
  3. Game

    I belief that some projectals pass through target when they in the middle of they walking animation and last time I was attacking those training dummys I didn't notice any increase in jutsu lvl, I am be wrong tho
  4. So when you walk down with bandana it looks like its jumping on your head
  5. What about exiling? People needed to accpet it sounds bad
  6. All that's needed to say in the title
  7. Shirou told you that you havent meet one requirment
  8. Game

    Mine guess is player nine had mask on, I seen it with other nick that it filter part of the word
  9. Only problem is that you would need to switch around your weapon in the middle of the fight cant use gf with sword on you cant use weapon with fan on you and so on
  10. Wow, great job Daisuke @Rory if this guy doesn't deserve silver ninja i dont know who does
  11. Game

    Why do we have PvE mastery in PvP game?
  12. Game

    Always happy to snipe some missing
  13. It would only work if wipe would take place, so putting stat requirement would be better
  14. Yeah what we need is requirement stat to learn and to use as well, this would keep things more fair
  15. There should be requirement on the learned one too then