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  1. Art

    I think my hype is starting to get back
  2. As much as they want unless serwera go offline or there is a maintanace, but there are really no events right now, Rory only made few but to test them. Well exping is much harder than in alpha, as far as I know no one did make it to 50 lvl, but exp gain was said will be increased in open beta, there are few new jutsus since alpha but combat itself didnt change much
  3. Technicly game is already playable but only for those with Gold or Silver ninja and as of now there is no date for open beta
  4. So I wanted to show my mate some gamplay and end up creating those, check them out if you want and tell me what you think about them 



  5. Game

    Actualy i think new passives could help balance the game if done corectly
  6. I feel missed out @Rory
  7. Game

    I am against it for RP sake everyone should come up with its OC age
  8. Welcome to Roots of Pride
  9. I am off for holidays, see you all next sunday, cya

  10. Website

    So I did notice 2 so far, 1st while I have opened a tab on my browser with my organization page I get constant notification about new post, and It's says 6 new post when there are 7 (one of mine) post at the moment and no new ones are added but I still get new notification and 2nd you can only set background for your organization page on phone, on PC I don't see an option like it
  11. Game

    So idea basicly is that if you are behind cover and your character is complety covered by it your nick will dissaper for other players so you can launch better sneak attack on them. Beside disappearing nick I think hp bar should also vanish if it's visible due to character not having full health
  12. Projectals pass over mobs when they are during they movment animation and don't dmg them
  13. Game

    Answers why not is very simple, because of RP
  14. Game

    Not only Sub jutsu but also Clone and Cloak of the Invisibility also can't be cast when targeting someone
  15. Game

    Well as a ninja of Leaf I say we will destroy this Shisha No