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  1. Game

    @Niap Just use scroll thats on a desk
  2. Rory chose war council not village
  3. Game

    Once I do get to 2nd area of Snake Lair where you need to finish Ko quest to get there I am getting snake poison debuff without being hit by anything edit. I am getting that debuff If I am quite close to venomous snakes
  4. Searching for meaning? XD Thats a nice joke and I dont see anything like blacktunder describe about cults in Roots so you need to look somewhere else
  5. I belive you mistaken I am not a pirate
  6. I know a cult around nin its called some pirates I belive
  7. Lets face it there is no truce, I seen quite a lot of reports on village chat of Leaf ninjas being attack by sand but at same time I did drop 30 scorpion tails and no one did attack me even tho a lot of people did pass me by
  8. If you ask me that room with snakes is way to small with such a number of snakes
  9. Game

    For Fire I notice that lvl 30 and 35 techniques are very slow, and I don't see not doging them unless its at really close range
  10. I am glad that our lecture did push someone from Leaf to grow stronger
  11. Game

    The only problem I see here is that anyone could press that switch and get free exp cos there is no way for system to check if they are rping or not
  12. Game

    Both would be cool
  13. Only through character reset and I think that option is offline as well
  14. Most likely they will start to breath fire
  15. Game

    @Rory tbh it was a complete accident I didn't look were I was running and when I started to look I was already on that wall